Are you a Destromath old timer?

100 Draenei Warrior
We really do need another IRC thing for Destro :/ This xpac is boring me to tears.
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The old one is still there, it's just mostly empty and only involves Caedmon and I occasionally talking about the cricket. But judging by how busy the forums are these days there probably just isnt enough people doing the community thing, especially compared to how it was before.
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Hey <3 :*

lala you are still a dirty ginger wh0re , and anne frank has a bigger schlong than dade.
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90 Human Warrior
Sup noobs

I was back in 2005 days ahh so long ago now...

Wolfy tanking MC like a boss haha ahhh

Heldericht i think the dude was from Indian, remember dueling outside IF teaching me how to kill pally's

Vurk - Priest omg so many funny stories with that priest hahaha

Rinzi - druid ahhh MC.. my alt is still in "The Last Battalion"... who is audioslave..?

I miss vanilla...
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90 Human Paladin
Rex Kwon Do got ninja'd on Domo twice. I witnessed both one.

I miss people actually using trade chat to form groups. We should institute 'no queue November' and only run realm-formed dungeons/raids.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I'm an oldy.
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100 Blood Elf Mage
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I started about halfway through Vanilla, and I've been on Destro ever since :) I recognize a lot of the names in this thread.. I just wish the server wasn't so underpopulated now :/
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100 Gnome Warlock
Betterman of Argent Avengers >.>
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100 Worgen Hunter

Argent Avengers/Imperium/Paradigm
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
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I remember once I was out in Hillsbrad back at level 29 trying to find people to kill, and then out of nowhere like 5 Masquers come and all drop their scarlet cannon trinkets and obliterate me, that was pretty random.
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100 Troll Hunter
Also, anybody remember Wildrose?
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Damnit, Icen, you were supposed to let me pass you in the casual achievement points race.

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63 Human Paladin
Ex-Taken member here. started playing since Vanilla but then transferred to Najzatar with Taken (renamed Volcano), only to disband all over again.

I do recall a ton of drama between guilds and individuals alike (ie. Savant vs Paradigm); oh those were the days when the destromath forum was filled with trash talk.
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90 Tauren Paladin
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90 Night Elf Warrior
He still plays, in disguise of course Mezzo that is
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78 Human Rogue
Oh, Hi Vile, Lala.
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90 Troll Mage
<---- Destine

In guilds:

Fates Hand
Argent Avengers
Then co leader of Paradigm

A few fav moments, Alliance first Rag kill, the race through BWL finishing with server first Nef, hanging out with Tilt members and the opening of the AQ gates!

Hello to everyone I remember, many names here I still remember with warm memories!

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