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25 Draenei Hunter
Hi there Tho Bro

I'm returning to wow from an extended break and am looking to find a new home.

What I'm looking for:

Guild level: Don't care

Guild size: Don't care if it doesn't get in the way of meeting goals

Guild attitude: This I care about a lot. I'm not looking for a 'family friendly' sort of guild. Those are great and stuff but I find I don't really fit in there. I want a 'mature' guild. Somewhere I can be myself and not worry about the language police.

Guild Goals: I care about this somewhat. I do like to raid and go after achievements, but not at the expense of having fun. I do not want to raid hardcore. I want to see and experience the content, I just don't care if I'm +10 levels for said content. Goals are important but having fun on the way there is more so in my opinion.

About me
30 something female gamer
Main is an undergeared shadow priest
My game schedule is mostly open save for work
I'm a loyalist when it comes to my guild. I give a lot of time and donate to the bank as much as I can afford if it means helping the guild grow/meet goals.

I'm currently focused on leveling some alts right now, so the best way to contact me is via this thread.

Please tell me about your guild!

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100 Night Elf Druid
Welcome back to the game, and to Thorium Brotherhood.

While my guild won't meet your language restrictions (we encourage being original, but not mature language, as it can be misinterpreted and offend) I hope you do find a guild that fits!

I will send out a word of caution- there are 1 or 2 guilds in server (names withheld, of course-you will surely figure them out early on) that not only welcome mature language, they encourage it to a fault and advertise as such - but you may find yourself in a situation where the freedom of language goes beyond that, and becomes a vehicle for player to player harassment and abuse.

Check out web pages, and the guild finder in game for descriptions, and be sure to speak with the guild officers to be sure you find a good fit!

Enjoy your game!

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100 Human Paladin
Same as Mammabones pointed out. There are some guilds that encourage this and mine is not one. We are a social/family guild so not so sure we can help you. But If you keep an eye open for one of the other guilds your looking to fit in, I am pretty sure you will be able to find one.
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65 Blood Elf Death Knight
Hi Patari,
Cataclysm Alliance would be glad to have you join us, we have 24 members, roughly 6 accounts-so 6 ppl with mains/alts. We are friendly, lvl 1 but creeping to lvl 2 (29% to go). I have a facebook page and website, and blog. I am on mostly mornings before noon and fridays and saturdays till May (then my work shift changes). My guild is listed in the recruitment and I'm looking to recruit more people to start an active guild run group or future raid group. A majority of the accounts are females, including me, so you won't be left out.
Come join us for some good times and fun, we have 6 tabs for our guild vault too.

Zivala (GM)
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90 Worgen Hunter
Hi there! I'm a member of Veritas Aequitas. We're a small casually raiding guild that's looking to recruit more "social" people that fit in well with our atmosphere without necessarily needing a core raid spot at the moment. We're doing kinda-regular runs of old content on various characters at different times for transmogrification stuff, and I'd love to be able to finish help my boyfriend finish his legendary staff quest, so we may even be doing stuff like FL from time to time.

Regarding language, we're not really cool with stuff rooted in racism/sexism/homophobia/etc, but we're fine with traditional curse words. We're generally 20-30 somethings as well, have about as many women as men, and we're really friendly!

Take a look at va-tb.guildlomatic.com and see what you think, guild guidelines are in the forums. :)
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