Who's old school??

90 Goblin Warlock
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went by Elfire back in 2004. Shoutout to House Red, DMT, and Love and peace! (Was Kneeknocker/darkwarlord when with LaP)
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90 Troll Hunter
Formerly named Palindromio, I was in Distinct Advantage, which failed miserably thanks to the egomanic that was Kozuki.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
sup nerds

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Anyone remember ... Deepcold?


That's me.

I'm good, hire me.

Never got past MC in vanilla. Sigh.
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90 Goblin Warlock
been around since day 1 of wow on crushridge and got an old school pvp title to prove it
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90 Night Elf Hunter
I miss old CR :*(
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Still here... still a disc priest yo... Most of UnF has moved on...
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86 Blood Elf Paladin
Lol nice, I was in UNF way way back. Anyone remember Ace of Spades?
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4 Gnome Warrior
Joined the military in 2006, quit playing just when Naxx 40 man came out. Just recently re-activated the old account since things have been slowing down for me, thinkin about starting up again for MoP. Always wanted to play a monk...

/who Township Rebellion

Sup Weab. I remember you, but I was still in DA (playing my old main "Sanatate" an UD Priest) when you were around more... Why I put up with Kozuki so long is a question I will never be able to answer... LOL

Anyways, does remembering when Scholo was a 10 man raid instance and feeling like you "beat the game" when your Devout Crown dropped count as Vanilla? =P ...or healing Thra for hours...

Yeah, or 20 man UBRS... I think this game lost something when it shrunk raids down from 40 mans.

And what happened to Thra? Guy disappeared one day, cant say i was sad though. It was nice winning WSG for a change.
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1 Orc Warlock
I was on from the early times. I have taken time off but seem to come back for more. I miss the times of free ranging PVP. Oh well, the BGs have turned PVP into something i find too "civilized".
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60 Gnome Rogue

Still pretty much untouched from 06 haha, someday i will finish Thunderfury..
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I'll never forget UD warrior Overhaulin and UD priest Camazotz

but i'm only from the beginning of 2006
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8 Blood Elf Hunter
Oh herro =] Shout out to the old Alliance guilds: The Way, Reverent, Omen, and Contingency!
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85 Human Paladin
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This place is so dead that a random post I made nearly a year ago on a whim while drunk is still on the first page :(

As an added bonus, a message from Boggs, whose account has long since expired:

Of all the people I read who claim to be “oldschool” I only recognize a select few:
Abel, Zaphir (Hungarian Druglord kingpin in real life), Warloxx, Kitsuni, neal (timtom is a terrible name, man), chucky (to whom I gave you your final piece of shadowcraft in live-side strat!)

Everyone else, don’t embarrass yourselves.

Oldschool people are the 7 or so original CR characters who populated the server, and those who came over from Bleeding Hollow. I’ll even stretch it out to those who came over from…Ner’Zhul was it? (Contingency people, etc).

If you came after Vanilla, you’re not oldschool, you’re just an illegal immigrant trying to take someone’s job.

And if you didn’t “pass to Boggs”, you weren’t a team player.

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90 Worgen Death Knight
Sentence up, dawg. (that's like 'word up', only more serious)
Weab, you're coming back to CR for mists of pandaria, right? :P

-- Z.
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85 Worgen Druid
Sentence up, dawg. (that's like 'word up', only more serious)
Weab, you're coming back to CR for mists of pandaria, right? :P

-- Z.

'Fraid not sir! At least not to crushridge. This forum makes me sad.
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90 Gnome Mage
Unfortunately, nostalgia is always better than what is current. For example, have you ever gone back to watch movies you thought were !@#$ing awesome as a kid? I have and they were all %^-*ing garbage.

Although, I have never had more fun than I did at level 60. On that damn GM grind. Meeting new nerds. Making friends that I still play with to this day. It was great times. But that doesn't mean the great times are over or that a new generation can't have those same great times.

God damn it, did I just say something actually moving and !@#$? %^-*, my heart grew 3 sizes just now.
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80 Draenei Priest
oh hai

Lots of familiar faces in this thread. Every few months I come back for a few days, realized most of BK is long gone, get depressed, and leave again. :(
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