Pendulum-Horde is recruiting for serious T13 progression. Pendulum is a guild started by 2 7/7+ 25man FL raiders that decided to re-roll and give it one last go at real progression. We are looking for skilled and dedicated raiders to fill out our Core 10man raiding team. We have high expectations from our raiders and will be enforcing a fairly strict raiding schedule come 4.3.

We will not turn away any truly skilled and dedicated people but specifically we are recruiting:

Holy Paladin
Prot Paladin
Shadow Priest
Resto Shaman
Demo Lock
Resto Druid

Players in our Core Team should understand that depending on the requirements of any given fight, members will be sat or brought in as needed.

Players interested in trying out should send in-game mail to either Myself, Duderman, or the GM/Raid leader, Stormwake.

Players Should also head to our Website and fill out the application in the Recruitment forum.
Edited by Duderman on 10/11/2011 10:24 PM PDT