Nore's Guide: Heroic Shannox

90 Human Death Knight
Heroic Shannox:

Overall Difficulty: 1/10
Tank Difficulty Ratio = 2/10
Healer Difficulty Ratio = 1/10
Dps Difficulty Ratio = 1/10 (just need one good dps to break facerage and trap)

--- Disclaimers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- This guide assumes you are familiar with the normal version of this fight.
- This guide is intended to cover the most important aspects of the encounter, not overwhelm you with every small detail.
- Adaptations will need to be made depending on your group comp.

--- The basic premise ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This fight is all about resetting stacks. Your dps doesn't really matter at all. Basically, if you reset stacks properly, this fight will be easy-piezy, if you do it wrong, this fight will be more challenging. After the nerfs though, you can do it wrong and still probably power your way through it with gear.

Assuming you've done this fight on normal, the main differences are that you no longer worry about killing the dogs, there are no enrages at 30%, and you now have to deal with stacks from both dogs as opposed to just Riplimb.

--- DPS Strat (aka: Handling Rageface) ---------------------------------------------

  • Have a hard hitting ranged dps assigned to break facerage when Rageface starts beating on people. Arcane mages and hunters make excellent candidates for this job. Also assign a backup breaker in-case the guy getting faceraged is the main breaker.

  • When Rageface starts channeling Facerage on someone, the breaker needs to stop it by hitting the dog with a hard hitting attack and then kite the dog over a crystal prison trap when the dog starts coming after them (The crystal traps are the ones with the red flame inside).

  • After the dog is trapped, the dps need to move away from the prison. The reason why is the prison doesn't buy you enough time to get the dog's stacks to fall off. You will still need to buy a little bit more time.

  • When the trap ends and the dog targets someone, that person needs to kite the dog until the stacks clear. You won't be able to trap the dog again right away because of the Wary debuff.

  • By doing the above, you should be getting the stacks to fall off and that's all you need to do for Rageface ;). The dps just pew pew Shannox the entire time, the dogs should never be getting hit unless it is to slow them or break facerage.

--- Recommended Tank Strat -------------------------------------------------------------------

Note: If you are tanking Shannox and have your A and D keys set to turn instead of strafe, you'll need to change that in order to use this strategy.

  • Tank Shannox and Riplimb ~60-70 yards apart with the healers and dps positioned between them.

  • Everytime Shannox begins to throw the spear, call it out over vent and have the Riplimb tank strafe towards Shannox as fast as possible.

  • Slow Riplimb as soon as he turns around and starts running to pick up the spear (the tank on him should be able to do this).

  • After running towards Shannox and then slowing Riplimb when the dog turns to go for the spear, the Riplimb tank should just go back to their normal tanking distance and wait for Riplimb to return the spear and come back to him/her.

  • When Riplimb has the spear and is ~25 yards away from returning it to Shannox, have the tank on Shannox start strafing backwards at full running speed. When doing this, the tank should make sure he/she can still attack the boss so they know their back is not turned. The healers need to be prepared for this with one of them moving behind the tank so the tank doesn't range them when strafing backwards.

  • Shortly after beginning to strafe, the Shannox tank can start slowly angling their toon so that they will make a wide circle back around to where the dps and healers are standing. Continue moving as long as necessary for the dubuff to fall off the Riplimb tank. Just make sure that after the spear gets returned you move back to normal distance from the Riplimb tank so the boss doesn't enrage.

  • After each kiting of Shannox, it may be a good idea to rotate where you are tanking Shannox and riplimb to avoid too many traps building up around the dps.

  • By doing this little movement routine you should be able to reset the stacks from Riplimb and Shannox just about every time.
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90 Human Death Knight

--- Tank Strat Variations: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

There are many variations on how to do the tanking part of this fight and everyone has their own opinion on it. Below are two of those variations, I'm sure some people in the comments will give more detail on how they do these strats, but I'm not gonna go there.

  • Some people claim to just carefully tank Riplimb at max distance from Shannox (80 yds) without enraging them and, while doing everything described above with running away from the spear and applying slows on the dog, have their stacks reset everytime without using any traps or kiting. I would say this strat is slightly inferior only because it takes some careful positioning and also I doubt the stacks would fall off if you get bad rng with when Riplimb refreshes them before the spear throw.

  • Another viable strategy many people use is trapping Riplimb in a prison trap either right after a spear is thrown or positioning themselves so he runs through one on his way back to the offtank after returning it. This strat is highly viable, however, you will have less traps to use on Rageface and more importantly this strat is susceptible to Riplimb accidentally stepping on an immolation trap and getting Wary so he can't be trapped in a prison trap for 15s
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85 Night Elf Priest
is this fight easily two healable?
i normally heal for it (using 3) but im thinking i might have to go shadow in order to actually trap rageface because no one else understands how to do it
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90 Orc Warlock
It depends on how good your tanks are at kiting off riplimb stacks and how good your 2 healers are. If your gear is good and your tanks can successfully reset stacks almost every time with proper kiting then 2 healers should be sufficient. Also assuming that you're trapping rageface well and removing his stacks as well.
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85 Worgen Warrior
We've 2 healed without ever resetting his stacks in our main and alt group, but thats because we kill him in under 3 minutes.
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90 Human Paladin
is this fight easily two healable?
i normally heal for it (using 3) but im thinking i might have to go shadow in order to actually trap rageface because no one else understands how to do it

We've been two healing it for a while. It's actually fairly boring if stacks reset every time and people are moving away from rageface. I stepped in some immo traps yesterday on purpose. That was fun.

But if mechanics aren't being handled properly, two healing can be painful.
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85 Dwarf Warrior
I would put this one above 2/10 for tanking, at least when you're giving other fights 4 or 5's when they're tank/spank
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90 Tauren Druid

  • Another viable strategy many people use is trapping Riplimb in a prison trap either right after a spear is thrown

  • You can maximise the time he is away from MT by trapping just BEFORE the spear is thrown. (Shannox doesn't cast Arcing Slash if he is ready to throw spear but Riplimb is trapped)
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    95 Draenei Death Knight
    Thank you for this guide =) My raid team starts heroics this week... Do you have any other heroic guides to share?
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    85 Blood Elf Warrior
    10/16/2011 10:10 PMPosted by Honalee
    Thank you for this guide =) My raid team starts heroics this week... Do you have any other heroic guides to share?

    I'm pretty sure the majority of heroic fights can be summed up with the phrase "don't stand in fire" with the addition of "soak broodlings" on H-Beth.
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    100 Goblin Shaman
    Trapping right before he should throw, running way away, and having someone slow as soon as he turns around is the best riplimb strategy.
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    90 Draenei Shaman
    With H Shannox, we used an offtank for riplimb who hasnt had much experience tanking the dog. It was so much fun, we wiped once coz i stuffed up (I brought my shaman, big mistake lolol). But yea onto my point

    Our new offtank really didnt know wtf to do, and we didnt really bother describing it well. He NEVER DROPPED BLEED STACKS through the entire fight. Our DPS isnt epic, he ended up on about 21 stacks when the boss died. The dogs self buffs and the debuff on the tank was falling off however, by the end we stacked me and a holy pally just pumping heals into our offtank. Wasn't too hard though, still was no where near as healing intensive as the other heroics
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