highest dps leveling class?

85 Tauren Warrior
for questing, it has to be arcane mage or feral cat.
for dungeon runs, tanks will outdps any dps, tanks have more aoes than casters in this expansion.
btw, arcane and cat dont even need boas to do high damage.
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Mage or Dk for overall leveling Dps. Warriors do great too. but honestly if you are concerned with end game play i would stick with mage or Dk for end game dps.
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for questing i recommend lock. Dot a mob and collect. I blow through quests on my lock. and a good lock that knows how to DoT is always high on dps
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I'm sure it changes every 10 levels or so. 60+ arcane mage is definitely very high though. Especially on close-ish mobs where you can keep 1-2 one-shotting them 4stacked arcane blasts without the stack falling off, then regenning most of your mana while looting. But they're bad at aoe, so a dk could likely cleave for similar dps.

MM hunter levelling is mostly targetting mob, and aimedshotting it because you get +60% crit on full health targets. The Aimed crit and subsequent autoshot will generally kill the mob before you pet reaches it. Arcane mage still feels faster though.
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14 Undead Warlock
Seeing lots of mages, but people are forgetting about dot-it-and-forget-it class that is the locks. Only down time is looting the mobs that are strewn about your path.

Ret and hunters also are spectacularly easy to grind mobs with, with ret taking the cake on being able to pull massive amount of mobs as part of regular mob grind.
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Seeing lots of mages, but people are forgetting about dot-it-and-forget-it class that is the locks. Only down time is looting the mobs that are strewn about your path.

Ret and hunters also are spectacularly easy to grind mobs with, with ret taking the cake on being able to pull massive amount of mobs as part of regular mob grind.

I don't think we're talking about downtime though, just how quickly you kill things. I don't think any class has downtime levelling anymore, does it?

To illustrate the difference, while levelling a mage, none of the 3 specs actually has downtime in terms of having to stop and eat/drink. However arcane, once you're high enough level to have Slow autocast on AB, kills things the fastest, since 2-3 short casts do more damage than fire or frost's longer lower damage casts.
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85 Human Paladin
With boa gear, it has to be frost dk and arcane mages. Things die in 3 hits.
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85 Orc Warrior
Wouldn't be surprised if Arms Warrior was pretty high. It does have a bit of ramp up time but it has good AOE later on in the tier, and Victory Rush is the best leveling self-heal in the game. There is little to no downtime as a dps warrior.
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70 Troll Hunter
Honestly is between mages hunters and tanks
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90 Troll Priest
full heirloom hunters are dps machines. Its crazy. from about level 1-20 I was one shotting everything, from 21-32 (where my hunter alt is at right now) it takes two. In instances im putting out 150-200dps, next highest is usually around the 75-100 mark, unless its a full heirloom tank. I'm usually running neck in neck with them for damage overall. But on boss fights (my semi raiding mindset reminds me that trash damage is essentially meaningless) i always outdps them.
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90 Tauren Shaman
My lvl 53 fire mage did 1.1k dps on the last boss on the lower half of Sunken Temple. I've not run into anyone getting close to that dps on a boss fight at that level. I kinda don't care about aoe dps or damage done on trash. Those are garbage stats. If you include those, tanks are going to have the highest dps as they tend to just plow through things. With heirlooms and nerfs whatever you bring totally outgears the lower level instances now and takes away from the charm they once had.

Some classes can't even put up their full rotation in a satisfying manner on even the bosses because the bosses die too fast. I know my Mut rogue hasn't been able to and he's at 63. So in that sense it's not fair to some classes as they can't even get through a "rotation" to see what they can do. 2x mut, rupture, mut + sld, and a backstab or possibly a 2x mut and envenom is about all you have time for with assassination rogue. There's just no way to reach the gawdy numbers the mage gets which gets to *open* with high initial burst damage...this is the opposite of the rogue which would theorhetically do very high burst at the end once all the buffs, dots, poisons, were in place and backstab would be offering bonus energy etc...but that really never happens and so I find my heirloomed rogue (with no aoe ability still >.<) usually on top of the boss meters, but not by much and nothing like my mage which can be even in the 70s of percent of all damage done (on boss fights) with bad/non-heirloomed players.
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85 Human Rogue
Feral druid, Marks hunter, Frost dk, Enh shamans, Arcane mage

I've leveled each respectfully they do the most dmg at every leveling point
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90 Human Paladin
pretty much any tank, frost DK, and mages.
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Hunter, after you pick up the aoe talents and your lock and load no one should be able to keep up with your aoe for awhile.

In addition single target once again once you get lock and load and your launch traps you will pretty much own single target dps as well.

This is all under survival spec.
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53 Goblin Rogue
Arcane mage, no question. You'll pull higher sustained single target than anyone else by a mile.

Your AOE will suck though (blizzard I guess, or AE lol), and your rotation is 111111111111111111.
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Why don't people listen. Some do, but most try and talk about dungeons and raids or PVP.

The point is, this person's question simply had to do with QUESTING DPS char or class. Some are saying tank. That's not strictly true. Most tanks are in dungeons with a healer. It doesn't make you higher DPS if you are being healed every second and don't have to watch your life. You last longer by yourself against MOBS but don't have the DPS of an attack based mode.

[Its a simple enough question. If you are a level 85 or have had at least a few other chars up to 60 or so, then respond. You can say either; warrior, hunter, pally, etc.]

BTW it also matters a great deal if you use glyphs (level 50 and up) and if you have the right talent specs. There are guides for this on the internet that will give you the highest DPS for whatever class you want to run with. Here's the link: http://www.wowhead.com/talent

For low level characters, (And I have used them all except Shaman) Warrior seems to be the highest over all DPS from levels 1-50. (arms build). I don't know what a Death Knight would be since you can't start at level 0 lol.

Most people here have an opinion, but I find its because they like what they have. Not because they have tried all characters and used the recommended builds and spell rotations.

Some are looking at recounts from dungeons. That is not a good indicator for questers like you and me, because they do dungeons with mobs and have no clue what it really means to quest alone through the whole range of places.

Another point is questing level clothes. Those who do dungeons have better clothes and are therefore disqualified from answering.

Warrior is great, druid is very good also. But if you get a little bit lonely when you quest, a Hunter is great because you get a pet, and almost never take much damage but a bit lower DPS than with other chars.

I hope that helps.

I have a level 85 DK Tauren...quest level clothes, a great level 85 Undead DK, A level 61 Undead hunter, a level 50 Goblin warrior, a level 67 troll druid, a level 26 Worgen hunter, a level 18 rogue and other higher level chars on diff realms. I quest almost exclusively because dungeon people are mostly mean and greedy. (Who needs them.) Seems like every time I go in a dungeon some healer is blaming everything on the tank when people die or someone is blaming someone else for failure. At the very least, you get a pally that won't cede any equipment up to anyone else. Last Heroic raid I was in I didn't even get a crumb and we killed Arthurus himself!!! LOL

When you realize they aren't letting you have anything, you start rolling, then they complain about that. Mean, nasty people. So I applaud your questing ventures!! Have a great day and don't worry about the opinion trolls. Its just something they have to do.
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