85 Worgen Mage
Why can't pugs get kills on this server when we 8 manned Heroic Shannox with 2 heals? i dont get how kids on this server have no progress it bugs me im not use to this.
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100 Worgen Mage
Maybe the pugs can't carry hard enough? Who knows!
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86 Tauren Druid
I'm not saying the pug thing isn't an issue, because it really is on this server, but I can see an 8 man HShannox being pretty easy with that gear.
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100 Draenei Shaman
Things not going as smoothly as planned? Hit a rough patch? Possibly you were expecting more polished players on this server? I did try and warn you, but in all fairness even the Japanese didn't think the first explosion was from a bomb. It took the second one for them to accept the possibility that things really WERE that bad....
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90 Tauren Druid
I'm sure almost all of us have come to the realization that this server is just 3 above being dead last as far as progression, but some of us are soulbound to this place.
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1 Blood Elf Warrior
You know this server is awful when you have people bragging about 8 manning Heroic Shannox when it shouldn't had been 8 manned in the first place, how do people even die on that fight? How did you let people die to face rage?
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70 Human Rogue
lmao...oja your such a smart !@#. but i like it...wanna get kinky? >;)
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85 Dwarf Rogue
the dedicated players are not playing anymore..alot of people are'nt playing anymore on the server. plus they killed any meaningful pug when they made you choose between 10 or more pug and alot of good players saved their raid for their guild 10 man. remember in wrath on weekends when you'd have at least 2 or 3 25 man icc's goin in trade. plus the games been kiddified and don't get me started on the DF. the quality of smart and mature people has dropped..your playing with kids more then before. wow is dying and it might be time to move on to better and brighter things. ya think?
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70 Human Rogue
wow..wolve has 12k acheivements. let me ask you something wolve..who is more important in your or your gf? only reason i play is bc i heard mila kunis plays wow and she plays on the underbog server. i have her narrowed down to 4 people included sexy ojababy. send me a wisp baby ;) i'll rokk your world.
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