Pretend Kodo - Kodo Strike 2011

100 Gnome Mage
hi all. The only mount I ever truly wanted was the Brewfest Kodo. Something about a cute little gnome on such a gigantic beast appeals to me. This past Brewfest was my 4th year skunked. I remember finding 4 other people to go, without Direbrews remote, and actually making the long travels inside Blackrock Mountain. I never missed a day or wasted a summon.

In those 4 years I have acquired other rare mounts. Sea Turtle, Headless Horseman mount, Raven Lord, White Polar Bear....but would give them all up for the Brewfest Kodo. To rub salt in the wound, this year my Tauren received the Brewfest Kodo. My Tauren? Really Blizz? The last toon in the world that needs a kodo is a tauren. And last year my warrior got 2 kodos! I couldn't bring myself to delete the 2nd and it sits in the bank as a reminder of what could be.

As Brewfest 2011 reached it's final day my hopes were crushed for a 4th year. I went and purchased a Goblin Hops to turn my normal mount into a pretend kodo for an hour. At least I would enjoy that while I could. Well, Brewfest ended, my goblin hops expired, but I was still sitting on the pretend kodo. At least until I dismount. Today is day 16. I have logged in for at least 3 hours every day (usually more) and have not dismounted. I sit on the auction house steps.

Many forces are working against me to force my dismount & ultimately have me lose my wonderful pretend kodo. My bags have been filled with paper zeppelins, voodoo skulls, heavy leather balls, and happy fun rocks....all in the hopes that I make a mistake & throw back to someone...which will dismount me. At least 4 train-sets per day are placed underneath me again in hopes of my dismount. I receive countless invites to party so they can either Lifegrip me off my kodo or use a Halloween wand to transform me & dismount. People are sending low level plants to me to ask nicely for a portal. It pains me to turn someone away, but again...I will lose my mount. I have had several hordes fly into the auction house & start a huge pvp battle with the guards right on top of my spot. I have narrowly dodged dismounting 100's of times in these 16 days.

These 16 days of not dismounting so I do not lose my wonderful pretend kodo have not been easy. But I still love seeing myself atop that beast more than anything. I REFUSE TO GIVE UP!

In summary - I refuse to dismount and lose my fake kodo. I have been a good gnome in the community for years. I try to be extra helpful & willing to do nearly anything for anyone at any time. Now I ask for your support. This is my petition / Kodo strike for a REAL kodo. I don't know how many days, or weeks, or months I will have to sit atop this pretend kodo, but I will stay on until Brewfest 2012 if I must. I've already done every quest-raid-dungeon-zone in the game. So now I am creating my own quest. I will post here each day.

come visit me at the Stormwind auction house steps in trade district to wish me luck.

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85 Human Warlock
Daffney is by far one of the nicest people that I've ever met in this game. I know a kodo would mean the world to her and I'd be in full support of giving her a kodo or even letting her transfer the spare one in the bags of her other toon.

I'm probably one of the most selfish people when it comes to pets and/or mounts and if I could, I would give up my own kodo to her.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Yep no doubt alot of people might just say boo hoo. But this is one of the rare instance's where Blizzard could & should make a exception. The mounts should also be purchased by each holiday meta achivement rather than a random drop, but thats another story.

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100 Gnome Death Knight
I have known daff ever since she gave me a port to dal 3 years ago and she is a really nice person so i dont understand why blizz has to be gay and give it to her tauren or her warrior. I have actually watched people get the kodo on the first day and i dont understand why blizz doesn't understant that she should have a kodo mount. People should not care if she has a fake kodo mount but i just say as a fellow gnome who loves kodos that Daff should get a real kodo.

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100 Troll Druid
This is the most depressing thing I have ever seen.
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85 Human Paladin
Hang in there Daff. 5th times the charm =P
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100 Human Warrior
Now I feel bad for riding my kodo around you for all these years...
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85 Orc Hunter
I would definitely love to see holiday mounts implemented as BoA in the future. The biggest issue I have with the current model is problems like this, sure you got the mount but not on the desired toon.

The biggest flaw with the current model is when holidays are active it is not uncommon for players to play inactive toons for the sake of grabbing a holiday welfare epic just in case we decide to pull a toon out of retirement. Sadly I feel your pain, all of my important and favorite mounts are sitting on a toon that I no longer have any interest in.

I hope that Blizzard is able to help you or if nothing else implement a system that will at bare minimum help you in the future.
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100 Gnome Mage
Fake Kodo - day 17 begins

This is NOT meant to be a boo hoo / woe is me type thread. It's more of I wonder if I can sit on the pretend Kodo for a month & if I succeed maybe I will be rewarded?

Anyways, I appreciate the support :-) So here is a limerick I wrote while daydreaming of having a REAL kodo.

There once was a Kodo with no rider....

And a gnome with a void deep inside her...

Dear GameMaster, it's a Kodo I'm after...

I only ask cause I'm a lover not a fighter.
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85 Gnome Priest
I thought they spoke gibberish in serbia, God knows they dance like fools.
LF 1 Hpally
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85 Undead Hunter
seriously. I have kodos and rams coming out my bum on all of my alts, but this toon has never seen a single holiday mount despite it being the only one that's existed to be able to farm every holiday, every year.

BOA Holiday mounts ftw. They should make them like the Blizzard Anniversary pets, so you get them once and then every toon you have, can have it.
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100 Gnome Warlock
Ive know Daff for about 3 or 4 years, and i know how hard he farm every rare mount, I have helped run some instances or raid farming for a mount. The brefest kodo, she has tryed to get that mount for a couple years now, i think at least she should be able to give the extra one to Daffney.

GO DAFF!!!!!!!!
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100 Gnome Mage
Feeling the love! Day 17 going smoothly. Was able to avoid only a handful of invites and less than 12 throw-able items wound up in my bags today.

Players on real Kodos rave...

I sit atop a pretend one and wave...

Dear GameMaster, stop all their laughter...

and make Blizzard hurry up and cave.

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100 Gnome Priest
yeah give Daff the damn Kodo hahaha you reaaally dont wanna face the Wrath D:
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90 Dwarf Hunter
Daffney paid me to come here and support her cause, so I am here. Now pay up!

Just kidding, Daff is my pal and I am sympathetic to her plight. The mount system is certainly flawed and BoA would be way better. FYI I have yet to get the Ram... got the Kodo a few times. I hope Blizz sees this as a cry from the community to make some easy and nessisary changes.
Hang in there Daff... I will be happy to bring ya food and water if ya need. (Don't eat or drink it though!) :P
Watch that Shadyj, I don't think he had your best intrests at heart. :P (JK pal)

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100 Gnome Mage
I already have a name picked out for my real Kodo if/when I ever do get him.

Sir Thunder McMeatythighs
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100 Draenei Mage
Daff is a great friend and always makes trade chat and wow life in general fun and interesting so she for sure deserves a kodo as long as she has been trying for it. Hope you get your kodo Daff!
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90 Draenei Shaman
There once was a Kodo with no rider....And a gnome with a void deep inside her...Dear GameMaster, it's a Kodo I'm after...I only ask cause I'm a lover not a fighter.

That says it all right there. Daffney needs her Kodo mount, she is so cute on it, at least transfer the extra one over, BoA items right????? Make it a BoA BLIZZARD!
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100 Gnome Mage
Day 18 - Pretend Kodo still going strong.

Had a few close calls late last night. Shadyj tried to trick me by placing a plethora of clickables around me. The sandbox tiger, keg, pony keg, picnic basket, mushroom chair, haunted drum, fools gold and something else i am forgetting.

No Kodo for the 4th Brewfest straight...

Another year I was told I must wait...

Please GameMaster, make time go faster...

And please skip any posts filled with hate.
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