Granted, will start by acknowledging that this server and horde side on it in general is small and few between. but recently decided to revisit this side mainly to hang out with a few friends.

just looking for players who are at least 2k quality in the arena and in particular willing to also go outta my way if your a pally (holy or ret) due to comp friendlyness.

about me, im a 2.2k+ (multiple times/teams) have other interest in life besides this game, not a player who will be able to play on a day to day basis or on a consistent week schedule due to IRL interest and work.

on an extreme sidenote also brought back my rogue for the time being, honestly not sure what he'll be up to, but am interested in using him in a backup / pug role for pve reasons (name is Ixdreamzzxl).

aiight, signing off ------ Dreamzz.