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So... Still a bit rough around the edges, I did the nice one for you first. ;-)
But I do warn you, do not get too complacent, for I've not even gotten halfway through my other. Though I can warn you that it does not end prettily. /cackle

Ready, waiting, there he sat.
His lidless eyes scanning those below.

Ready waiting there he sat.
His bony fingers around a branch.

Laughter from the Shire’s Square,
A noise that curled his lip.

Laughter from the Shire’s Square
They’ve been complacent far too long.

Down from the limb he now jumped.
The first guard fell, the poor fool’s luck.
Alarm bells clanged, chimed his timed arrival.
He started grinning as the Knights assembled.
His chant of spells began before they struck
Shards of ice flew and traps of cold ensuring his survival.

An arrow flew, it made him laugh
He cackled with glee as it harmlessly passed.
His spells still unbroken, the knights all still.
The dead eyed flashed bright with his sudden thrill.

Away into the gloom he bounded,
Knowing they’d not forget him for long.

Away into the gloom he bounded,
If they thought they could kill him….

Well, they’d be simply wrong.

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90 Worgen Hunter
Loved that one did you? Well now... I hope the affection carries over to this little piece as well ^.^

The thick and brutal scent of rotting flesh had filled her nose.
It’s reek brought to mind past battles, a wheeling gore crow.
She searched the trees closely, for she knew that mage was near.
Ears flicking, nostrils twitching, her eyes above the ground.
But wherever this damned undead was, she would teach him fear.

He’d been a visitor here in her mind for far too long,
Considering that this foe was neither skilled, nor strong.
For a foolish mage though, he could be quite cunning,
His traps, his tricks, and endless source of frustration.
But he would fall, he would be dead, if they kept him from running.

Where was he hiding among the trees she couldn’t say she knew.
For the branches all were thick, no room for light to peep through.
A rustle caught her ear however, and the turned to draw her bow,
She loosed an arrow into the slight din, her aim to bring him down.
But when there was no response a growl began, soft and low.

A laugh behind her, a soft pop, the movement swift as can be.
She whirls about, another arrow notched, to face the other tree.
The next arrow comes up at the sound and she sets the shaft to fly.
Howling was the just reward as the arrow hits its mark.
The mage comes falling from the branch, letting out a cursed cry.

Amber eyes looked at the pained pile of rotting flesh before her,
He could not escape this time, that much she knew for sure.
With a stifled gasp he broke the shaft that was buried in his side.
His undead eyes looked up at the hunter, and he hissed in his foul tongue.
The worgen laughed and let him stand, his head still head with pride.

Curling her lip with a guttural snarl, her ivory fangs were bared at the fool.
Unsheathing her sword that was at her hip the steel’s glint becoming cruel.
His hand came up, silver flashed, his arm flopped lifeless to the ground.
She made the sharpened point to face the south, a grin upon her face,
And stooping down he grabbed the limb unable to make a sound.

He ran then, fast as feet could carry, faster as the bow was notched,
Stumbling, cursing racing through the woods, dashing round tree and rock.
Whistles, thumps, the arrows flying round his head, a cruel laugh of glee.
Other should and taunts follow the path behind his escape.
The watchers point and stare, cheering as the hapless mage does flee.

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90 Worgen Hunter
10/28/2011 08:07 PMPosted by Firelover

Oh I think I've fed your ego enough my dear. *pets and comforts* I'm actually working on a rather large composition about the fall of the Sunwell and stuff. Granted if I feel inspired to write more about you, I'll let you know. But recently most of my creativity has been going to the beauty of the season. :3
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