Hello! In preperation of patch 4.3 I am looking for an east coast raiding guild to be apart of that is in need of a reliable rogue. Doesn't matter whether it is a 10 or 25 man guild
(although I prefer 10)

I don't mind if you have no plans of doing HM. I just want to see and clear content.

Little about me I have Played on and off as a rogue since vanilla (raiding when I played), I am 20 Y/O and currently Serving in the US Air Force.

I am Available to raid every night of the week after 4:30 PM EST
weekdays, any time weekends.

I am willing to server XFER and play horde OR alliance.
I haven't been in FL yet but hopefully I can get my feet wet in some PUGs this weekend. Also, Working on my gear 24/7.

Thanks! If you want to get up with me please add my REAL ID in game- Haertix@gmail.com
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