WTB Specific Green Drops!

So I’m looking for specific plate green drops. The two sets I’m looking for come from Outland and Vanilla content (lvl 60-65 ish greens and lvl 45-55 greens) I don’t care what the stats are. I just want the item. So like “Revenant Helm of the Boar” or “Bloodscale Belt of the Whale” Doesn’t matter. There is a lvl 45-55 Revenant Set and a lvl 79+ Set. I’m NOT after the 79+ set. So if you’re leveling alts or just out farming for whatever reason and happen to run across any of these greens CoD them my way.

I’m paying 50g per item.

Skettis Curved Blade

Bloodscale Set

Bloodscale Pauldrons
Bloodscale Bracers
Bloodscale Gauntlets

Revenant Set

Revenant Helmet
Revenant Chestplate
Revenant Bracers
Revenant Gauntlets
Revenant Girdle
Revenant Leggings
Revenant Boots
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Lol I emptied two of my alts banks and set them up as green storage boxes just for stuff like this =x one for cloth/leather/cloaks, one for mail/plate/weapons. Just so I could save all of the various old sets I run across. I have at least two dozen different sets I'm working on filling out.. most of them i'm only at 3/8 or 4/8 on, a few are closer to 7/8.

Sadly I have none of what you're looking for at the moment. But g/l none the less.
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I totally forgot about this post...I got all the pieces I needed lol, I just kept checking the AH and ended up getting most for like 5-10g a pop.
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I got the enitre bloodscale and revenant set.
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