Bloodscalp Realm and Guild Questions

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Hi Guys,

My buddy and I are looking for a new realm. He actually has moved over here already, I wanted to get some details first before I did.

First, how is this realm? How is the Horde/Alliance ratio? Is there open-world stuff going on? Do the Horde ever raid Alliance towns? It seems MoP will focus more on the open-world aspect of the game, and I'd like to be on a realm that participates in that. My current one just smack talks in trade about the Alliance when they attack Org and do nothing about it. I'm looking for an active and communal feel to my next server.

That same sentiment brings me to the topic of guilds. What are the good Horde guilds? My friend is currently with Horde Angels. They seem to have 20+ people on at all times, which is about 5 times as many people as my current guild. I'd like to find a lvl 25 guild that is into RBGs and where the people run dungeons and raids together. But that is perhaps more casual about their guild activities and not hardcore anything. I just want a good place with lots of active players to group with and help one another out without feeling pressure.

What am I bringing? I will be bringing this warrior and a 85 mage and a 85 DK. If it is a good guild, my friend will likely join as well with his 85 warlock and 81 paladin. We have a couple of other friends that would be bringing in low level characters they just made as their mains are still on Darkspear. We have also all signed up for the annual pass, so we are in it for the long haul. We are very excited about MoP and want to get kind of a fresh start on a new realm with a new guild in preparation for it.

So please share your insight into the realm and Horde guilds on it.

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H:A ratio is somewhere around 4:1 these days. 3:1 at best.

There's not a whole lot of open world PVP going on since a) there's simply a massive imbalance in the population and b) Cataclysm really doesn't promote it at all.

As for casual-level/PVP guilds, that's where my Horde knowledge falls short.
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Somewhat disappointing that there has been only one reply after 5 days.
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pretty much tells you about bloodscalps population
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Naha pretty much gave all of the important info. As for guilds on Horde side, checking out the progression topic stickied at the top or whatever guild tracking site of your choice should give you a good idea of where Horde stands PvE wise.

I've never played on another server, so I don't know if this is just Bloodscalp or what, but from what I've seen generally the top PvE guilds on this server also have the best PvP players. So if PvP is what you are really after, taking a look at the realm progression for Horde is a nice start.

I'd like to help more, but I know next to nothing about whats going on Horde side.
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I'm pretty sure we're in the bottom 20 of population by realms.

We don't have a whole lot going on.
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