Drak'Tharon experiment

100 Troll Mage
I have decided to do an experiment.
I have roll a DK at Nagrand, totally fresh. Lets see if I am able to complete fireland 7/7 in the shortest possible time.
Because its so hard to pug a fireland in Drak'Tharon.
Hopefully people from Drak'Tharon could feel the difference between a populated realm that is full of life against the home realm.
My motive is simple: Gather more people in support for a free transfer to Drak'Tharon or merging several realms. Building up awareness of this dying realm.
If you are against me, you are against the idea of having more people into Drak'Tharon.

You can track my DK at Nagrand- Top in DPS, currently level 70 at the time of post. I was only level 55 about 3 days ago.
If i have done Fireland on my new DK and any level 85s in Drak'Tharon and are struggling to clear 7/7, i guess that would prove my point.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Please delete all your Drak'Tharon toons and go play elsewhere. I'd rather have the dead forums and dead server than listen to you ramble on and on making no sense at all. This is the third post littering these forums in the last three days.

I honestly don't mean this as a personal dig. Please learn to use proper English as half of your sentences or word choices don't make sense, which only makes your point(s?) even more vague and your posts all but unreadable.

Also, nice Tyranny app. C'mon Skroesec, you know you wanted this one deep down.

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They wont "merge" realms because of the forced name changes that would occur. I would be so pissed off if they merged 2 servers and i was forced to change just ONE of my toons names


Thats a public relations nightmare waiting to happen IMO.

Free xferes were just happening a couple weeks ago.
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85 Orc Warrior
We all know Drak'Tharon sucks for PuGs. Raids aren't designed to be puggable however, that is what guilds are for. You want to raid? Find a team. Makes perfect sense.
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100 Troll Mage
Yea, will miss tyranny in action. All the best to you guys in your new server /wave.
Here comes the Era of Bad examples/Greff Squad and Outbreak i guess to take over the top guild at Drak' Tharon.
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90 Pandaren Rogue
Drak'Tharon. The New Jersey of servers. Home sweet homes.
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