The Shadowmoon "I remember" thread.

86 Human Warlock
I remember CTraid mod
I remember Teamspeak
I remember out-of-combat ressers in MC.
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85 Draenei Shaman
@ Latigid
I remember Tarren Mill

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90 Night Elf Mage
I remember Staffy using PoM Pyro on a Kith's water elemental
I remember when people took rez sickness if they died on their flying mount
I remember when you could knock people off their flying mounts
I remember Silverback came back and couldn't even stay alive for more than 5 seconds. Anywhere
I remember on the Isle people thought you were hacking cause guards wouldn't kill you for attacking them but they wouldn't get zerged by them if they attacked you
I remember when Alliance outnumbered Horde
I remember when Horde and Alliance had balance PvP wise
I remember when you got tenacity in WG at the start and for a brief period of time, you hit and had health like a raid boss. Everyone died in one shot
I remember Halaa and the fact that you didn't need to wait 2 hours to do it
I remember when summoning stones were actually needed to be used
I remember when people left the city to do things
I remember queueing for arenas in BC, in Exodar, as Horde
I remember when Terrible dropped the bosses before LK when they had the LK health and got their black bear mounts.
I remember that people made PvP videos on this server
I remember all the rage that people had as soon as Wintergrasp started cause they got ported to Stonard due to clicking the wrong portal
I remember all those players over the years who've quit, died or got banned.

And most of all,
I remember when World PvP involved actually being out in the World
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86 Human Warlock
I remember being deathfully afraid of Imhotepp when he was undead. Lol.
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86 Human Warlock
I remember algathor when he was alliance QQ.
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85 Human Warlock
10/30/2011 07:11 AMPosted by Latigid
I remember algathor when he was alliance QQ.

I remember Algathor when he was horde. On his mage.

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85 Human Priest
10/29/2011 06:53 PMPosted by Imhotepp
I remember all the rage that people had as soon as Wintergrasp started cause they got ported to Stonard

lmao i remember this xD
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
i remember Horde winning bg's
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85 Draenei Shaman
I remember Nineball the rogue killing my hordie everytime I went to stranglethorn vale.
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85 Human Priest
who remembers the the "Shadowmoon's greatest Pally" xD
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86 Human Warlock
omg SO many names i ahvent heard of in ages :(

Nineball, Delrond, etc :( ahhhhhhh such good memories :D
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85 Human Hunter

sorry...had to
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85 Troll Hunter
I remember when Shadowmoon's forum had balls.

I remember when Silverback (player, not guild) was camped off the server, and trolled off the next server he went to.

I remember when Cent vs Judicas came out and everyone bookmarked it because it was comedic GOLD.

I remember hearing about how skipping trash is Overrated.

Bloodsworn still cascades.

Grats Algathor.

Happy Birthday Djinn.

Hadad's original forum ban for trying to sound g'ed up to Chancery.

Horde Algathor to Alliance Algathor to Horde Algathor to Mage Alliance Algathor to Horde Algathor.

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85 Night Elf Rogue
I remember opening silvermoon portals at the start of AV on my mage. now i have to emote something saying they are reported afk andto type /afk as a fix to get !@#$% out of bgs.

i remember when using hearthstones was a big decision.

i remember the all pally wsg video.

i remember world pvp before flying mounts

yes..halaa was the best world pvp design ever. I hope they bring back a version of this instead of these instanced jokes like tb/wg
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90 Human Death Knight
i remember the days... where we got to see AQ gates open... oh wait server crashed and they magically were opened... i guess no one remembers seeing them open :)
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