Thoughts on Pandaria?

100 Human Warrior
Seems to make me less interested in WoW. Just my feelings on it.

Any opinions on Pandaria?
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90 Worgen Death Knight
I like the new class and race, and even new content. The new challenge dungeon system sounds neat, the pet system feels like a complete rip of Pokemon, the Talent system.. sounds interesting, but I feel there still will be cookie cutter specs regardless. People want what's best for the circumstance they're in, and they will find out what works best. I'm a bit wary on the talent system.. everything else feels okay. I'm mostly interested on playing the monk class, see how it performs, what the talent tree is like.. and what not. Talents appearing every 15 levels will definitely take time to get used to...

Those are my thoughts.
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85 Human Warrior
one word

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90 Gnome Warrior
think i will be playing alot of diablo 3
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74 Night Elf Druid
Well I'm flat out going to be playing D3 a TON -- regardless what the next WoW expansion is...I've been waiting and drooling over D3 for years now...honestly and truly I'm more excited for that game than the WoW expansion.

As specifically for WoW -- I don't like the buzz when new expansions are released , there's always tons of whining , crying and bad mouthing the game and Blizzard....its been that way for every expansion and the whiners are louder than those saying more positives on it.

I like the concept of the monk class...

I like the visual style of the game from what I've seen thus far..

I really like that Blizz is trying to do something different and break out of the same mold of previous xpacs....

I like that they sound like they realize not everyone is interested in raiding at end game, that's huge for me.

Honestly the one thing that really has me concerned and made me a little bummed was the new talent system.

When I saw that being explained I was smacked with a sense of disappointment.

But I'm willing to hang in and try it out...past expansion packs I bought the CE versions...not this time though...I'll just snag a regular copy when I get around to it after release.
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87 Worgen Death Knight
I feel so alone with my level of excitement for this expansion. Every MMO I've ever played, I've been the monk class. I'll probably get Fevered to 90 for the first month or so of raiding and then switch to Monk for the rest of time.

The talent system, in my opinion, looks so much better. I think the major concern for me is how long is it going to take to respec in between bosses as some times things like stuns and roots might come in handy while other times it won't matter. Also, maybe there is a magic reduction talent and a physical reduction talent and that might vary between fights. I usually see things from a PvE environment, but I also dabble in PvP. This is going to be awesome for PvP I think, you can have CC that doesn't over lap.

Pet Battles, I mean it's honestly a feature you could ignore as much as Archaeology, which is probably going to happen. I'll probably still do it to pass time.

Timed Dungeons sound awesome. Though, they kept making it sound like they would tune your gear level down, removing ilevels and then the dude that came forward with the hit and expertise problem. I think they need a little more time to flesh out the idea.

New BGs sound like fun. Specifically the murderball one.

Some achievements being server wide is going to be really cool!

Getting rid of Relics and ranged weapons for everyone minus hunters and melee weapons for hunters was an awesome idea. Brenda is going to be so sad she won't have a tank gun since they won't exist anymore :(
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90 Dwarf Paladin
Gotta admit I'm peeing my pants in excitement! I'm a HUGE Lore nerd and have always been a little sad that the Pandaren weren't in the game earlier ( don't bad mouth the panda's they're bad !@#, friends of rexxar, and drunks like the dwarves. say anything bad i'll chew your face off with my flat dwarven teeth) Pandaria is absolutely stunning! If you can look at the new zones and not gasp at them then you're just blind.
Pet battling system is a total rip off but I know i'll end up doing it lol,
the new talent system is...unique. a little nervous about that.
But the one thing i'm jumping on my heels for is...THE NEW SOUNDTRACK! Blizz has some AMAZING composers that do their soundtracks for every xpack, and I've always loved the sound of chinese instruments so I cant wait to sit in random zones just listening lol!
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85 Draenei Priest
I am generally excited about it, though anxious that female Pandaren may turn out similarly to female Worgen. I hope they look better than that, though.

I am totally stoked about the pet battles, not gonna lie.
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100 Worgen Warrior
one wordBORING...

Key words see are: level up to 905 more levels again for an. Xpac...If it follows the same pattern for crapaclysm, going to be spending more game time on D3/sc2

/Agree Completly

10/23/2011 06:02 AMPosted by Alendria
I really like that Blizz is trying to do something different and break out of the same mold of previous xpacs....

They need to keep the cash flow comming in don't they?

10/22/2011 12:42 AMPosted by Nicodemus
think i will be playing alot of diablo 3

Hells YES!
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- World of Warcraft
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There is a lot of potential for new storytelling in the game that we haven't seen before. I'm excited about what we don't know:

What enemies will we face? What drove us to Pandaria in the first place? What have the pandarian been doing since the last time we had contact with them? If the "big bad" for 5.0 is a return of the alliance/horde conflict, will we able to have some sort of Horde vs Alliance PvE raid that kill opposing faction leaders (ie. will the alliance get to kill Garrosh for being a jerk and the Horde kill Varian and allow his son to take up leadership?).

There is a lot of Lore & Story that is coming and I'm excited that we don't know what the last page of the Pandarian expansion storyline is going to be. It kindof sucks playing in an expansion when you know what the final raid end-boss will be since it doesn't really allow for exploration because all the other bosses feel like filler.
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78 Blood Elf Rogue
Seems rather silly. I always considered Pandarians a bit of a joke and I thought that the Devs did too.

I guess that we'll see but I've heard more than one person question their return after the xpack hits. Perhaps that's why they are locking people in for a year with their D3 and Tyriel's Mount deal. Great rewards but that's one heck of a commitment....desparation? Who knows at this point....too early to say.
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85 Worgen Druid
I'm pumped. I like everything that they're trying to implement into the game right now. I truly believe that Blizzard sees Diablo 3 as WoWs biggest competition for subscriber loss. When SC2 came out I knew more people that put down WoW and started playing SC2 than I knew people that went to RIFT. I know very few people that are looking forward to GW2 or SWTOR, but I know TONS that are drooling for D3. Just my opinion though.
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85 Dwarf Death Knight
Pokemon holds no interest for me. However I loved the Padaren Brewmaster in WC3 and have always wanted to okay one. I'll be rolling a Pandaren Monk Brewmaster when it releases.

Talents 2.0 interest me as well as long as it truly does make the game fun and does away with the cookie cutter builds as is their intention.
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90 Night Elf Druid
didn't they just take the minion (pet ) or companion and just make it a toon
But then again i get to become my inner shoalin monk
and if i wanted to play a Nintendo version of WoW Dragons nest is where its at but truly i would not give up on WoW it does have the best pvp of all
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85 Human Warrior
Holy sh*t at the fanboys...

Pandas are lame. Pokemon is lame. New talents make it easier to have a cookie cutter spec. Turtle zone... lol wut? More level/achievement grind.

Now I've been playing since vanilla and I've seen it all, but this to me looks like Blizzard giving the players the finger by pumping this garbage out. You can shine a turd all you want, it's still gonna be a turd.

Got my SW:TOR preorder in and finally got into a beta this last weekend. Game mechanics are better by far, pvp is more fun, story lines make sense and overall gameplay is much more enjoyable.

That being said, Dec 15th my account will be closed.

Inb4 nice rating/gear/achievements/etc.

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85 Worgen Druid
Not sure what part of looking forward to a game makes me a fanboy but to each his own I guess.

Pandas are optional, pet battles are optional. The talent system is a plus and mostly based on utility and not DPS. Some talents might end up being a must, but most look clearly situational and personal choice.

I'm glad they are going different directions. I'll definitely give MoP a try and not cancel my subscription based on what they announced at blizzcon. You're assuming 100% of what you see at Blizzcon is going in the game. Judging a game before it's in Beta. How absurd and close minded can you be.

You seem like a lot of people I know. You honestly don't like this game and are using Pandas as an excuse to leave. Not sure what would make players like you happy to be honest. They can't just recycle the game every 15 months and call it something new. That, by my definition, would be shining a turd. By your definition, they are giving you new turds and you don't like them.

D3 is their biggest competition. I got the 1 year pass. I know I'm going to sub for at least up to MoP and now I'm guaranteed an MoP beta invite and the game I'll be playing if I don't like the beta.

See you back after Star Wars takes a RIFT.

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85 Human Warrior
Look, I stayed when the Space Goats came, I stayed for more elves, I even stayed for goblins and dog-people. But you're telling me that because I don't like the features they're selling the expansion on, that I'm closed minded and absurd? I'm not gonna buy something I don't want. And I guess 6 years of sub fees to Blizzard only get me (like you said) the same turds over and over again: ZA/ZG x2, Ony x3, Nef x2, MC x2, etc.

Oh BTW, I've been waiting for SWTOR since early '09, so this is not 'just an excuse'. And you really want me to believe that a company that (from WoW alone) takes in MILLIONS of dollars a month can't make some new content once in a while?
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85 Worgen Druid
You can't really argue with "they recycled ZA/ZA, Ony, Nef and MC". ZA/ZG are 100% optional dungeons (used to be raids). Ony was a one boss filler raid, not an entire tier or anything. Nef was the boss of 1 of 3 raids released at Cata (4 bosses if you count Sinestra). Firelands I can't complain much about. Yes, Rag again, but as a whole it was a great instance. The nerf was a little much though.

It's one thing not to buy something you don't want. It's another to denounce that something before it's even been made available to try. I bet people cried pretty hard when they announced Dance Studios and look how that turned out.

11/15/2011 12:17 PMPosted by Mirob
And you really want me to believe that a company that (from WoW alone) takes in MILLIONS of dollars a month can't make some new content once in a while?

Pet battle, Monks, Pandas, Talent tree system. PvE scenarios. New BGs, New Raids, New Dungeons. Looks like a lot of new things. I think you should post your realid, so we can all see when you re-sub after SW:TOR goes ftp and people leave like RIFT. And I can judge SW, it's in beta.

It's obvious from your comments that TBC killed wow for you. OMG SPACE GOATS.
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85 Human Warrior
It's one thing not to buy something you don't want.

I've never been with a hooker but I'm pretty sure that's something I'd never spend my money on.

Pet battle, Monks, Pandas, Talent tree system. PvE scenarios. New BGs, New Raids, New Dungeons. Looks like a lot of new things.

Right, it only took years for them to steal Pokemon, butt-f*ck talents, remake the same BGs again, add new bosses to bash my face against. How silly of me...

I think you should post your realid, so we can all see when you re-sub after SW:TOR goes ftp and people leave like RIFT.

5 people have my real ID, my brother, my best friend, and 3 RL friends. srybro

It's obvious from your comments that TBC killed wow for you. OMG SPACE GOATS.

Obviously not, I'm still here :-)
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