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At first when I saw the video earlier about having pandas in the game, I thought no way, its a joke. I am hoping diablo 3 will be alive and well by this time...
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It's pretty sad how worked up I am over this panda business. I can't even fully explain why I'm so upset over what I've seen so far. Maybe it's the lameness of the panda. Maybe it's the painful Pokemon-ish feel of the new pet battle system.

Whatever it is, I'm hoping this is a weird "trick or treat" joke. The ultimate April Fool's joke. (Who would expect that in October, right?)

If not, though, then I'm done. I've played the game since the day it came out. For the past 5 years I've run one of the only full role play guilds on Lightninghoof. I've made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun, but I feel it may finally be time to move on.

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I agree with you on that post. When I first saw the anouncement I instantly thought wtf are they thinking?! I read for hours and hours on the lore, the reactions, the hate..etc I like the new things they are putting, like the talent trees and actual NEW battle grounds but I cannot get over the panda thing. I KNOW its in the lore, I know its not anything to do with kung fu panda but it just seem to be, IMO, that the game seems more silly.

I have played since vanilla also and have always been excited about expansions until this one :(

I do however have a suggestion which might make me consider buying this expansion....

If blizzard can somehow link the panda races with the mature content filter, so if you turn it on you don't have to see them.
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Seems to me that the people who are freaking out about the panda thing are forgetting that we've had a cow class since release.
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I wasn't fond of the cow, but its not silly like the panda. To each his own of course, but from the looks of the forums, the booing at blizzcon..etc I'd say im not the only one who doesn't care much for the new race.

I do believe this is the beginning of the end of world of warcraft, unfortunately. If not for many, at least for me. I will however keep a close watch on the changes because from what I hear they will be a lot more pvp in this one. I don't think its going to be quite enough to keep up my subscription as well as most of the players I have been playing with for a few years now.

Blizzard will still be getting my money of course but with Diablo 3!
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdywKd3MsYw BOOM

But no, honestly I think this expansion is going to be great, and really those pandas look mean as hell, if blizz had made them cute cuddly pandas I might have been upset but those things look like they will kill anything that moves. I dont really like the monk class, but you cant really judge something till you try it.
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85 Tauren Druid
Everyone gets upset with every expansion. It's to be expected...
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90 Worgen Warrior
*sighs* I need to stop raging at it myself. It's just I see/hear all(or most) of the changes their doing or thinking of doing, and no offence to Blizzard, but it just seems rather silly. But! You're right. Who knows, it may even turn out to be a good thing in the end?
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No, not everyone gets upset with every expansion. I actually was looking forward to every one that was announced. I know there were a lot of people complaining about wrath and cata but again i was excited for them to come out, not a doubt in my mind I was going to buy it. Every expansion I actually took leave for a week to play it (even cata).This is the only expansion so far that I have immediately been turned off by.

The game has been slowly declining for many people, with its casual approach, horrible class imbalance, FOTM characters, making up lore as you go, catering to forum QQs..etc

The gnomes I don't care for. I always thought they were stupid but how often do I have to do anything with them? Cow people? This has been gone over numerous times that its based on minotars, don't mind them except for tauren females look rather silly. Its not an actual squid btw, all though it looks rather odd. I have yet to see an expansion for gnomes or tauren.

The addition of worgen and goblins I didn't feel was the best idea either but guess what, I didn't make one nor did I ever have to visit the starting zone of it.

I don't think I personally know anyone who has said I loved wow and didn't have a doubt in my mind about buying MoP until I saw the trailer. This I think is one of the biggest mistakes people make on both sides of the for or against arguments. Its been a steady decline of broken promises, qq nerfs...etc etc etc that have left a sour taste in the mouths of long time players.

Appealing to the younger crowd can be good for business, bad for players such as myself. I can't imagine what trade chat will turn into for MoP, I may just have to go to a friends house (even tho none are buying) and check out trade!
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we almost got them in BC
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How you dislike mists is beyond me. It seems like an expansion that could really help this game grow in the PvP department tremendously, yet you are upset about another animal race in the game...

There's already discussion on getting people out into the world away from the Org/SW. That alone will boost WPVP by a ton.

You still have flying mounts in the game, hell, both WPVPIB and Massacre utilize flying mounts to regroup, which if you didn't have access to them, you wouldn't be able to reform easily at all (or even get to certain locations easily).

You have mass summon, which is probably the greatest world pvp tool ever added in wow.

Whining and WPVP go hand in hand, it's what is to be expected from the "dungeon farmers" of the pvp world.
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Mists has little to no info on this so-called world pvp that will be taking place. I watched this video from blizzcon with chris metzen, watched him hype up this awesome war between the factions and really made his sales pitch for MoP great....then we see the video.

Even the people who like the idea of pandaren were taken aback by the PR distaster that was the MoP trailer.

Can't people who are really excited about the pandaren just realize for some its just too much? Nearly every thread made has the "well just quit then I love pandas!" crowd in it. There IS opposition of some sort to every exp, but no one can deny its 10 fold of anything ever seen before.

I am disappointed in blizzard adding pandas to the game, for me, it doesn't fit what so ever in WC. I do not follow nor like lore at all. But of all things they could have added it had to be a panda...and to those who say it looks mean and bad !@#, I don't get it.

Of course we utilize flying mounts to regroup, but they are also used to run away. You of all people should know, if you are from vanilla or even BC, that flying mounts are the worst thing to ever happen to world pvp, by a long shot.

Mass summon, I do like, but really its not added with world pvp in mind, at all.

Whining goes with the person, not what aspect of the game they like to play. I have personally heard 10x more whining from people when I have done pve, but I do not blame the pve I blame the people I am grouped with. Dungeon farmers?

The nail in the coffin for me, so far? Everyone I know is done. They are all quitting and going to other games. These are the people I have been playing with since I started. Any one of them who were on the fence before about wil they buy the new xpac, the announcement sealed the deal for them.

There is no telling what will come yet, excpet what extremely smallinfo we have. I might still play but its looking very doubtful at the moment. Im going to play until I hear more info about it to make my final judgement.
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So, despite the fact I haven't logged into forums in about two-ish months, deciding to randomly check, I felt the need to throw in my two cents.

Odinn, after getting out of class one day, I called Carstine to talk about the initial thoughts on the xpac. I was able to conclude my feelings about it in 1 word: Desperation.

Even though many people say Wrath was a disaster in terms of expansion (I disagree on certain points, though Wrath definitely did have it's faults), Cataclysm was, well, cataclysmic in terms of quality. If Cataclysm was a law, it would be No Child Left Behind - lots of good intentions for a flawed humanity, ultimately !@#$ing over the system.

However, since Blizzard has said %^-* it to Azshara and the Emerald Dream via books, and we can't do Sargeras yet (of course Blizz is going to make us wait until LV 100), there is a void - hence, instead of advertising lore (which they did with WotLK and Cata), they have to advertise to our emotions - and I am sure everyone has wanted to play a Pandarian at some point or another.

What Blizzard fails to realize is that realizing there are fatal flaws in the current system and those fatal flaws (the biggest ones I would dare say are A. guild level and B. changing of the raid system) are why they've lost over a million subscribers in a year. However, Blizzard isn't known for double-backing, just "fixing". Then again, biggest reason I find personally that I can't log into WoW anymore is the general lack of balance - playing League of Legends, while imbalances exist, teamwork tends to be a bigger killer than balance, and playing on my priest in PvP, I remember why I cringe at WoW PvP.
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Well I can't say everyone wanted to play pandaren at some point because I and all my wow friends disagree.

Honestly I have been a player and a forum goer for a long time. I must have missed out on the "i want the pandaren a playable race" craze that has been tossed around. I just honestly have never seen anything about it in any forum, anywhere. I did not play WC RTS games so I personally didn't know they existed in WC universe, joke/easter egg or what ever it was.

I am not one of the OMG LORE or Joke race people at all. I think they can do what ever the hell they want with lore as its their story. I think they can come up with something similiar (for lack of a better idea right at this moment) to the Flying Spagehtti Monster as a playable race, add lore, and make it work. Who is to say they cannot have something that was completely unheard of at all, anywhere, until now becase it was hidden until just now? That doesn't bother me 1 bit, nor does the started as a joke. Most likely that doesn't effect me because I do not know one ounce of lore outside of the cinematic trailers and stuff I have just recently read.

I read another post elsewhere that said instead of working on a new class and race, why not fix the current ones? Why not fill in the loop holes of the lore/story and add a little bit more depth to the current races/classes?

I was talking to people on vent last night and most share my frustration with the xpac and the current and future direction of the game. Its being geared towards a new generation of players while pushing away the older ones.

Everyone has their opinions on what makes this game fun. For some adding the class and race will add to it, whereas to me it takes away. I look at the state of the game currently. Trade chat is at an all time low, every other comment is a smart !@# remark or spam of somesort. The forums, every other post is a dislike, (or QQ) about something (myself included).

The game, for me and MANY other has gone from great to good and now to really?? IS this because blizzard realized they are going to be losing the older players to new games, be it because of better games or because wow its 6+ years old and its gettin stale to some? I think so. I have seen a transformation in the maturity level of players, the catering to casuals, the addition of things that make people question wtf blizz as a sign of desperation also. But I also see it as they realize the gamer demographics are changing.

I post because i am frustrated really. I wanted to continue playing wow with all the friends I have made over the years but I'm having one hell of a hard time doing so. Cata I didn't think was as big a failure as some did but now I see how really lacking in substance it is.

You rarely see anyone leave SW/Org anymore because there is no point. You can play the game, pvp wise too, without ever leaving your capital city. I do hear they are changing this but we'll see how well that pans out.

I still say, fix the old before adding new. Take this time to fullfill all those promises of "we'll get to it" instead of adding more things that will add to the problem.

/end rant
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Well, the Pandarian are actually important to current lore. While being a lore buff, others would be better at explaining it. But, while it hasn't been a forum topic, a lot (not everyone, but a decent number) have had the mind cross the point in their mind at one point (mainly WC3 players, but yeah).

Yes, we both can agree that the game is broken. The biggest issue is that Blizzard doesn't release micropatches - not minipatches, micro. League of Legends has micropatches. WoW has minipatches.

What is the difference? In League of Legends, releasing a small balancing patch biweekly, they can adjust characters. Granted, there are some major items they do to effect a champion or two, but for the most part, they only adjust a coefficient or two for a few champions.

Does LoL still have balancing issues? Of course. Is it easier to balance LoL because of the fact every champion only have 4 abilities and one passive? Yeah. But instead of going and saying once every 2-3 months, "HEY, LET'S SHAKE UP THE SYSTEM!", they take a wrench and tighten a bolt here, loosen one here, yeah.

I don't think Blizzard is worried too much about losing players to other games. So many games were to be WoW killers, all have failed. I doubt the future games will be WoW killers. There are many people who !@#$% about WoW, saying they'll quit, and month or two later, you always find them again. WoW is the biggest WoW killer - as in, only way to peel most of these people off the game will be to shut down the servers. Because of that, Blizzard doesn't need to want to or even need to fix things - they simply just get filed under "clutter" and once in a while they take a random thing from that file and deal with it.

It actually becomes an issue of double-standards. People tolerate the bugs and whatever else WoW presents, yet when bugs exist in a new game, people ^-*!@. I dunno.

Sadly, only reason this account has not expired yet is because I provided 3 months more because I thought I would be doing more playing because I was doing RBGs. Since that fell through, it will truly expire next month.

If Blizzard actually realized they made more mistakes, I might actually stick around, but I don't plan on dealing with the LFR system or dealing with how Blizzard seems to do class balance via darts instead of actual formulas.

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Meh. I require more information before I make judgments. So many things change between the Blizzcon announcement and the actual release of the expansion.

Sure I shackled myself to the game for another year with their annual pass, but they're giving me free stuff for it. I hope this talent thing will go a long way towards adding some balance to the classes, but you can never balance them fully. Not without giving everyone the same abilities with the same gear and giving them the same level of skill.

Play the game to have fun. If you aren't having fun, don't play. There are a lot of worse things to drop $10 to $15 a month on. Log in for a few days, see if you like it. If you see something you like, good for you. If you don't, you're out the cost of two meals at McDonald's. Not a big deal.
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