Sanctity is under new management, it was once a leveling guild but now we are looking to rebuild our core group to start 10 mans. Made up of mostly older players most of whom have been playing since Vanilla, our guild has a lot of experience to offer to anyone who would like a little help. We are not elites but we are capable and able to get the job done. Guild runs on East Coast time with runs posted Wed through Saturday starting between 17:30/18:00 server. We also have an interest in PVP but our aim for now is to get up to raiding strength. Welcoming all levels and classes and all game playing experience levels. We have Vent and are in the process of setting up a new guild website.

For info contact Caressa, Kinti, Resman, Skalbairn, Sareyna, or Rathnor in game.

Hope to see you soon.