Was Cata the first "failed" expansion?

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I heard differing opinions overall during BlizzCon, but not once did I get the impression that any of those opinions boiled down to "Cataclysm sucks" as a whole.

To be fair, hearing such a statement in BlizzCon would be like hearing "Lucas should DIAF" at a SW convention...
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Also keep in mind it is not over yet.. we have another 8-18 months of Cata left.

This, if we are forced to do one boss for 18 months Cata, will indeed be a failure. I don't mind working hard, I like it, but 18 months on one boss? Even I wont be sticking around for that.
I like the expansion, I like the raids. I loved the raid, and the story line in Lich King all of them even ToC it was nice not having to kill trash all the time.
I have stayed with the game because I love the lore, I love questing. I have enjoyed the questing in Cata, to me they are fun, I dont count it as a failure.
I can only hope MoP will be rich in story line and lore outside of the pandas, I have no interest in them, or the monk class, or zones outside of the leveling.
Blizzard went from one extreme to the next, not developing new races enoug... Worgen, Dranei to basing a whole freakin expansion off of one. I really hope they have listened to us
and will actually work on giving these races more plotline development, instead of leaving them in the sad state that they are.
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I don't like this two sided failure/successful argument that keeps being brought up. I don't know about everyone else but I've been playing WoW a lot more this expansion than any others. Because I have more things to do in it. And I'm happy to see more things to do in Pandaria as well.
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WOTLK was the highest rated expansion pack. How could anyone say it was a failure.

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You are mistaking the developers looking at the game with a critical eye with the claim that it was a "failure". We've seen a wide spectrum of opinions over Cataclysm and we're not afraid to look at what worked and didn't work (as we do with each expansion and game as a whole) and try to find better ways of doing things. I heard differing opinions overall during BlizzCon, but not once did I get the impression that any of those opinions boiled down to "Cataclysm sucks" as a whole. They had key elements that they disliked or thought could be improved on, but throwing the whole thing out the window as a "failure" is and should be considered a bit extreme don't you think?

It is incredibly important to look at your own product critically. However, I would be extremely careful generalizing anything you heard at Blizzcon as representing the player base. That group is your most hardcore fan base who are willing to travel and pay money to watch what is mostly advertising for your product. I'm not trying to put down Blizzcon, but I keep seeing these comments that are like "We heard this at Blizzcon every year so we did it!" It sort of makes me cringe a bit.
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10/27/2011 09:25 AMPosted by Uldrecht
I heard differing opinions overall during BlizzCon, but not once did I get the impression that any of those opinions boiled down to "Cataclysm sucks" as a whole.

To be fair, hearing such a statement in BlizzCon would be like hearing "Lucas should DIAF" at a SW convention...

Oh, we heard people who disagreed with things pretty vehemently too, but the very cool part about getting to talk face to face, is you remove the distance between your words and emotions, thus letting each other truly understand a bit better what the other is saying.

I get what you're saying and I also agree that most people who are walking through the doors at BlizzCon are usually those that are pretty darn happy with things, but that doesn't preclude those people from voicing their own viewpoints to us either. It's just done with a bit more humanity since there's no keyboard and screen between us. ;)
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Quests are terrible, too linear.

Pickup 3 quests here, do those 3 then get 3 more.

I would agree with you about the linearity of the quests and overuse of phasing. I hope they've figured that out for future reference.

Some parts of the game are too easy and I think that leveling is too fast. Other parts are apparently more difficult than what some would like. At any rate there's been a lot of complaining about Cataclysm's dungeon/raid difficulty level vs. Wrath, warranted or not.

For myself, I'm not a big fan of one-shot mechanics that wipe a raid/dungeon. These are frustrating for good and bad players alike. Even good players don't play perfectly 100% of the time and players that aren't quite there yet but would like to get better don't learn very much from being one-shot. Difficulty is a hard thing to balance I would imagine.
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During Blizzcon I noticed a lot of:

"With cata we went to far with...."

A lot of people have been talking since the expansion hit about the way questing had turned into a dumbed-down, linear faceroll where you virtually had to TRY to get killed if you wanted to die.

A lot of people talking about how heroics weren't "hard" like conquering a difficult peak on a mountain climb but were "hard" like peeling 1000 potatoes.

I think the drop off in subcriptions is a direct reflection of these mistakes.

I'm really glad that both these areas are being addressed, particularly with regard to questing going back to a less phased, less linear, more hub-based experience. Let's hope they nail the mix right this time.

Pretty much this.

The Blues and Bliz can keep spinning this as much as they want, it doesn't change the fact that subs growth went into the negative with Cata. (Good grief people, reading comprehension is hard...)
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well in my opinion blizz should take a closer look at the subscriptions that were dropped and i would be willing to bet they were all shall we say not as talented . most of the complaints i have heard are from ppl saying the raid content was too difficult while the rest of us cry its too easy . not sure how this could or should be handled . though i do think cata was fun i was dissapointed by several things mostly the small amount of content . however i also play quite a bit more than the average bear . well over 40 hrs a week .(sad i know ) lol well those are just my thoughts; good day all

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10/27/2011 09:26 AMPosted by Horrid
I think we can all agree that dungeon finder has been a rather great success


80%-90% of my randoms go off without a hitch at all sorts of levels of play. That's pretty successful. Of course the ones that don't leave a bad taste which doesn't go away soon. But that's really more of a human issue than a problem with LFD as a concept.

I'd personally like to see Blizzard find ways to apply themselves to dealing with players who are more or less out to ruin other's fun. We have a responsibility for that as well but there is certainly a perception that reporting people doesn't do a lot of good, true or not.
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Questing is a lot better than in the past
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If you don't read the forums, this whole game is much better.

Too bad I'm sucked into this place...

Ah, the exact sentiments of one brave blue.. I miss him :(

those freaking ungrateful shaman, had one of the best things in the world going for them and they threw it out like yesterdays trash..
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10/27/2011 09:29 AMPosted by Nethaera
It's just done with a bit more humanity since there's no keyboard and screen between us. ;)

wouldnt that be a great thing if electronic communication could be like that :)
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If I had the ear of a CM at Blizzcon, I likely would not have said "Cataclysm sucks yo!" I would have had my grievances, however.

Shared 10/25 lockout quashing a good bit of PUG raiding, linear questing in old and new zones, a story that feels slapdash, lackluster 4.1, no 5man in 4.2, no truly new features until 4.3 (tmog, void storage, LFR)...
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