Greetings, Ysondre, from your fellow Brony.

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As the title says, greetings.

I have some friends here, and I've decided that with the announcement of Mists of Pandaria, I would try to start a rally for current, and potential bronies on the server.

I'm going to be transferring here soon enough and starting a guild founded upon, but not strictly held to, the qualities of the brony community.

Because Ysondre is a low-population realm, it is a perfect candidate for this. I will be advertising the guild to the MLP:FIM steam group (which currently has over 16,000 members), and hopefully on Equestria Daily, a pony themed blog that has over sixty million hits.

Whether or you are, or are not, a fan of the show, this guild will offer a high variety of opportunities for all members alike.

I will focus on making the guild one of the best social experiences that Ysondre has to offer. Because of this, we will not be a dedicated raiding guild. HOWEVER, we will be raiding, whether it be through randomly formed groups or through the newly introduced Raid Finder. We will also be doing rated battlegrounds, forming arena teams, and doing the normal stuff until Mists of Pandaria is released, where we'll be focusing on a lot of the new features such as pet battles and PVE scenarios.

We do not ask that you like ponies, only tolerate them. The guild will not be instantly recognizable as a pony guild, but will be noticeable by fans. We will give anyone a chance, from new players to veterans alike.

If you're interested, feel free to post here. I won't be keeping this name when I transfer, nor am I revealing the guild name yet. When this all goes down though, I'll be sure to tell everyone!
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Boy are there going to be problems when the Cabbage Patch Kiddies find out!
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Transfer to Horde? <3 Been waiting for a fresh new guild.
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