Hello from Ysondre!

85 Human Hunter
Hi, my name is Vaedorius, as you can see. I was just wondering about this server. My guild is thinking of switching to this server. My guildmaster has already said pretty good things about this server, but I want to know from an actual player from this server.

What is the raid progression like?
What about the PvP? Is there anyone who likes to PvP?

Thank You so much. Hopefully I may be able to see some of you guys in the near future.
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this server blows. we can't get fifteen hundred (: <3 many welcomes from our guild
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90 Pandaren Rogue
I likes PvP!
Then i dress up all snazzy and get drunk at the gates.
Good Times!
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85 Goblin Priest
Pro tip, xfer elsewhere.
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85 Human Warlock
Please list 5 good things your guildmaster has said about this server....

.. and I will show you 5 good lies...
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90 Troll Shaman
I don't understand why we always give negative responses to our server when people ask about it. It will never get better if we don't get new people.

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19 Tauren Druid
I left this server and never looked back.

I have a few guys left here, its a good community, but if you want serious play you will find nothing here.
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90 Pandaren Rogue
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85 Tauren Warrior
10/28/2011 12:29 PMPosted by Razaka
I don't understand why we always give negative responses to our server when people ask about it. It will never get better if we don't get new people.

Oh boy, I so agree with ,Razaka. But;

Tho I must confess, i love the fact we are laid back and not as raid progressed as alot of realms. That was what lured me here . I came here 5 days after the server went live from Eonar alliance. I never looked back. Why? I wanted a start where I had a hand in the growing and shaping of a new realm. At first start a majority of the Horde that came here from other servers , were ALL ex alliance or had alliance toons elsewhere.
While my guild is NOT a huge raid orientated guild, we do enjoy a metric ton of other stuff. This aint saying we don't raid. For we have a good productive raid history. But as the Oldest horde guild on the server, we are also the MOST casual guild that has success at raiding.
In closing, i believe you should look at each guilds accomplishments before reaching a conclusion. if it is hard Core raiding you seek? But not anal? then here you may find a home. become the first in a few areas still. if it is the Hard Core raider mentality held by many other servers? Then yeah. i agree with the defeatists, you would do best to keep moving.
This server is a hidden gold mine for those that are sick of the Rat Race of other servers..

Good Luck in your choice.Either way have fun playing a game you pay to play...



Our guild alone this year has seen the transfer of no less than 20 server transfers to play here in our guild. of those 20 plus accounts, Over half were Faction changes. And at least 3 brought multiple accounts from their guild with them. we even had an entire ex raiding guild bring all the raiders here to do so ...Casually...

Which leads me to believe, the server entices and our guild rocks where so many others fail...

:=) have fun
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