Duels vs RBGs

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Okay so a couple of things on a serious note. I don't know how many ally know me or whatnot but I hope a bias doesn't influence the feedback.

1. Are duels meaningless in determining a skill level? An ally recently talked about RBGs and arenas being the only places to determine skill. I was on the idea that duels are personal skill levels and RBGs and arenas are skill levels of a team.

2. Are enhance shamans OP atm? Cause every time I beat some ally they just say, "Enh shams are op so your suppose to win." or something along those lines. I can't ever remember being OP since I started back a couple of months before BC came out.

I hope I can get a serious response cause with this game changing so much towards something else than when they created it 1v1 pvp is something that I have been able to hold onto. I understand that some class specs are just badly matched against others but at least being able to force a CD or something should be standard I think.

This doesn't have to be completely around duels. More so 1v1 pvp. Anywhere. Cause with RL friends more towards pve I find myself solo most of the time. Thanks for any responses.
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Duels Have never been anything but for time wasting. Everyclass/spec Counters another(unless You're a lolrogue). Dont take them serious. You can always tell the diff between getting outskilled in a duel or getting outclassed/spec.

Rbgs Show alittle more skill then duels but not by much. Have little to say about them they bore me most real pvpers only do them due to the massive cp cap a week u get for such little effort/rating required.

Arena requires most skill(at higher ratings) In 3s atleast 2s isnt a real bracket and 5s is for fun/free t2. But its hard to say Due to the way blizzard treats pvp There is always a cheezy comp thats op to get higher ratings with.

Do what u find fun and just /wave and say hi to the haterz.
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85 Orc Shaman
Thank you very much.
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