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If you visit TB regularly you'll have seen me either on this guy or one of my alts.

As an avid TB competitor, it gets frustrating watching people make the same mistake over and over, especially during the hours I normally play because we are usually outnumbered 4-5 or 3-5, all I ask is that you do what is requested of you. If you are unfamiliar with TB in general try to learn the area a little so you know what people mean when they shout out abbreviations for places, if you are familiar and aren't listening, that's just a waste of another body for them to target.

I'm not going to go into strategy and specifics here, just a simple request. I'm not the most effective strategist at defending, but I've lead my share of attacking victories during peak hours and otherwise. If there's too many people trying to lead that's a problem, it's doubtful they'll be giving the same directions and this will just cause further confusion and defeat. If you are deemed raid leader and don't want to lead, then pass the lead to someone who wants to. It's one thing to fight the opposing faction if we're organized, it's a completely different struggle when we're fighting amongst ourselves too.

TL:DR - Listen to raid leader, stay positive
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Not trying to be mean you you but there are a few things I would like to point out.

1st.. you have not real verifiable experiance as to "your" sucess in really anything. So for you to assume that people are gonna listen to you is unrealistic.

2nd.. For you to assume that anyone would listen to you as a "RL" in tol Barad is also unrealistic, and none of that is me trying to be mean. Its all due to the simple fact that alliance people all wanna be rambo and try to take out there whole team..

Lastly and i guess this is kinda mean.. you may want to read up on Tol Barad before making comments, because you CAN NOT be out numbered.. the game only lets equal amounts of people in at a time.
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Thanks for the tips, a few things:

I do have verification as to my success, my guild listens to me and I find it hard to believe it's just coincidence that we have won TB every time my guild has all gone and I'm calling the plays.

Alliance players are humans just like Horde players, with enough work they can meet the standards of TB and provide resources for the team. From the time I started TB not that long ago to now communication among alliance has improved tenfold at least. More often than not these players you spoke of will come in, rambo for a minute, tell us we suck and then leave. Then a legitimate player will come take his place. Those people are everywhere, I have not had months of preparation as the horde has. But I'm trying, so it's a start.

Next, maybe YOU need to read up on TB because you can in fact be outnumbered if your team has less than 5 players, anything after 5 and teams must be matched in terms of numbers, but before that it can be (and has been) 5 vs 1.

It may not be realistic to think people outside my guild to listen to me, but nobody else seems to want to lead, so I'm giving it a shot. As I stated my defensive tactics aren't the best, but I do lead attacking victories. Just because you haven't been there doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

Finally, I've never seen your name in TB, might be in raid frames, but definitely haven't seen you talking in chat so if you aren't going to lead, then listen, get the addons, and help others. We won't turn our losing streak around with people like you saying how bad we are and always will be.

Off subject: PvP gear doesn't drop from the skies, and the amount you can get from raids is limited, I would think the amount of pvp gear I have would be some indication of my success in arena/bg. If you need more verification though feel free to talk to anyone from my guild. I'm sure they'll help you out.
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Well first 5/16 isn't quite half. And some of my ruthless replaced vicious gear.

Second, armory hasn't updated yet, should only be 4 crafted pieces left.

But I'm not saying I'm the all star pro of PvP for life. In fact I've only been doing TB for a week or two, and arena about as long. I'm not trying to shove my accomplishments in your face. That was just showing that I have accomplished SOMETHING in the pvp front that's relevant to Cata. As the previous posted claimed I hadn't. I admit I'm not the best man for the job, I'm not the best pvper, and I not the best leader.

But nobody else is doing it.

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Just lead TB to victory, people are starting to listen and that's all I want. Insult away.
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Intricacy as pro as you are (no joke) He is trying to help Ally and He shouldn't be put down for his efforts to try and help Alliance hold TB more often. I for one appreciate the effort :)
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I guess I should repeat the main point from my first post.

If you aren't Raid Leader, be quiet, don't give orders, and listen only to the raid leader.

We just lost because someone else started giving out opposite orders, and scattered the group. We had 2 bases, and were chasing a win, then this person (who shall remain nameless) decided to send everyone the wrong way. Then we lost 2 bases. and were barely holding 1 at a time.

I'm getting my winning advice from a very reliable source I'm sure many of you know, please just try what I'm saying and we will take TB back. We can't win if we aren't coordinated.
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Now that was more like it. Great teamwork.
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I've seen you in TB a few times, and I agree, it needs something badly, but my optimism is fading. I appreciate your efforts too. Several months ago, I switch from my hunter to heals in there, because heals were so badly lacking. (I'd already ground out the bg and dailies to get exhalted on the hunter.) Cued for everyone I could get into, and after several months, came to several conclusions.

It's a revolving door, too many under geared or pve geared ally, (and I'm not knocking awayone who's trying to gear up either) 6 people shouting orders, no D on nodes we grab, people running here and there like a bunch of lemmings...pretty much a losing mess. Many of the horde have conquest/Ruthless gear now, so it takes 2 or 3 undergeared ally to take one down if then.

I started playing at the end of Wrath, so I don't understand the vendetta about WG, I wasn't playing in those days. But Horde players have won their goal.... they hold TB 80% of the time plus now. Win or lose, I absolutely love a great pvp battle, they just don't happen in TB anymore.

My last observation is that most ally just doesn't care about it anymore. When I started running it, it was packed, 40 - 50 people, 5 or 6 full raid groups. I'm suprised to see more than 10 in there now. The general attitude I've seen is they expect to loose, and getting into BH is a pipe dream. You can cue for a reg bg and at least have a decent chance of winning.

I'll pop in TB once in a while for the heck of it now, try to help as much as I can while trying to max my honor and justice for the next patch, but the truth is it's just not fun anymore. The only way ally seems to win (when I'm around anyway) is when the buff is up and Horde has had it longer than the max allows.

No sarcasm here, I wish you all the luck with trying to organize this and get it back for a more even balance. And if I'm in there, I'll support you. But I suspect that until blizz changes it, or a new more shiney bg comes along and this one looses it's luster, not much is going to change.

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I've done TB a number of times, though my husband is a far more regular attendee on any of his three characters that he plays regularly and spends time, money and resources to obtain gear for. I have PvP gear though it's not the best, and honestly, it's just not fun anyway so I won't bother to get more.

It's not the losing that gets to me, it's the trash talk that goes on. Win or lose, PvP can be great fun, but I refuse to spend my in game time getting verbally abused in BGs, whether it's random BGs, WG or TB. It's not ever fun to be doing your best, but seeing the trash talk and abuse go by in chat the whole time. It's not ever fun to be verbally abused by the very people that should all be working together toward a win. Until that kind of thing is a lot more rare than it is now, I'm out.

I do sincerely wish you luck Rantoon. The times I was in TB, it was obvious that what is needed most is someone that everyone else looks to for direction.
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We win because we have Bitbyte and you dont... just sayin' >_>
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