sigh @ Horde

So while questing in Winterspring, I came across a mage 2 levels my senior. As, on this server at least, I enjoy me some world PvP I decided to engage. After killing this mage twice, they obviously called for support.
Now, when someone in my guild asks for help because someone 2 levels lower than them is ganking, they are referred to their spell book to learn how to play.
How often do Horde actually come across Alli in the world on this server? And the first thing you do (if you're not in a group) is call for help? Pathetic!

Elmage, I hope I see you around in the future.
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85 Orc Death Knight
lol I've never called for help there's no point.... and if I see an alli questing I let them be just for the reason they most likely don't want to be disturbed so I let it be cause I know one day i will get a chance to kill them in a battleground or arena anyway...
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Unfortunately, you seemingly represent a small percentage of Thaurissan Horde. All I ever seem to see is 85's suddenly appearing near lower level Horde whenever any encounter takes place. Hell, when any interaction takes place, like at a quest hub.

You come across as a horde of insecure pansies.
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To be fair Rawrgen, you do have heirlooms and Marshall gears...
Elmage has zero of this, clearly pointing to him being a new player.

You have Experience + Gear, he has Guild mates.

QQ some more.

P.S - I bet you sat there in stealth armoring him, saw he was a scrub and attacked him then. U R PRO
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I feel like being a #@## and recapping that I mentioned 'questing in Winterspring', so I could not have had Marshall gear at that time. But anyway..
This is only one example of numerous Horde encounters, and it holds true for so !@#$%^- many. I called out Elmage here specifically because they ended up sitting in a field like a pansy while a hunter used them as bait. That's how you teach new guys to play? No wonder your faction eats chodes at PvP.

For thought: Someone having no BoA's doesn't mean they have no experience, we get people starting characters on this server all the time (due to the server imbalance being a joke, etc) and there are plenty of people that don't use BoA's. For the record, the only thing I inspect before attacking is the level, and I was 2 down in this case.

P.S - I initially kept questing (after killing the mage once at the quest trash mobs, and once on a road), it was the 85 that came looking for revenge that was the point here.
The one that sat by while I slaughtered Elmage half a dozen times, before getting bored and leaving them to play 'spot the rogue'.

You guys suck.
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85 Goblin Mage
Its a pvp happened thread started by the ganker? righto! Thread should be called sigh at me for all the retardation I see.

You want to gank a noob (stop pretending he isnt), that's fine. But don't gloat about his level that makes you sound a retard. Probably took half his health with an ambush and acted like you outskilled him. And btw you don't get better by being facerolled by players in much better gear either.

If horde don't want to fight you we don't have to. Perks of owning the server.

now $TFU
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Oh look its a Rogue in a guild called "Gank Strike Force" complaining about world PvP trying to act like they're better than the horde. Stop the presses!

I got camped hard when I was new, nobody saved me. Alliance is guilty of the same tactics.
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93 Orc Hunter
Yeah they do that, I actually leveled my hunter on the alliance side for the purpose of pvp while leveling and yeah lets just say when they cant win they will grab there lvl 85 main or half the continent to camp you.
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85 Night Elf Hunter
World PvP, they're better than the horde.
I got camped hard, Alliance is guilty.

Sounds Legit
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The point I was complaining about was the fact you useless mother!@#$ers don't even engage unless you're sure to win. It's pathetic, and when 96% of the server is red to me, I'd have expected more world confrontation. I'm 64 now, and I've been in one decent world fight. Of course, after I won that, I was greeted by 2 85's. So no, thread title is legit, I'm still sighing over you '%^-*!. You can't even form legitimate attacks by yourselves on the forum, let alone in the game.

"In a guild called Gank Strike Force" - you haven't done TB much, huh.
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90 Human Mage
If its red its dead.

11/02/2011 04:08 AMPosted by Rawrgen
The point I was complaining about was the fact you useless mother!@#$ers don't even engage unless you're sure to win

lakamadin ganks people at 1% hp when they lose duels. Now that is engaging when you have a certain win.
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85 Night Elf Hunter
If you guys would like to join raids or hang out. give us a call.
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72 Night Elf Hunter
Alliance SHOULD be more competent at World PvP than Horde because Alliance are more exposed to it. I dunno about everybody else but I generally get better with exposure, Alliance would get a lot of world PvP exposure so it would become more natural where as Horde can go 1-85 without running into any Alliance. So unless you get lucky and Horde leave you alone you will get used to it and know how to deal with it more. Now if you camp some lowbie knowing full well about this server (being in GSF you should) then you should know full well what will happen.

Also Immortality brings up a good point.

Anyway iirc (just got back from a long break) levelling now is a cakewalk, if you get camped you can switch to BG's and LFD and wait till they get bored and leave.
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85 Orc Death Knight
I usually leave them alone, simply because I know how gay it must be to play Alliance on this server and how much !@#$ they have to deal with just levelling their character. But if they attack me then yeah obviously im gonna fight back
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Matban, I've had some really fun encounters against XRATED players in the last year or so, both on my main and this character. It was also been nice seeing XRATED hitting up Stormwind recently, that helps break up the tedium of the 10 people standing in trade district watching the two kids have a meaningful (...) conversation with /s while I wait for BG's.
/highfive to you guys for having balls. Every encounter I've had has been fun and has never turned into 'oh look, there's the rest of the guild to help, and camp me for the next 15 mins'.

Weeaboo, you missed my point entirely. Just like Immortality did.

Swissgaming - /salute - and thanks! The same goes for you guys, and I've asked Bb to get hold of my main if you guys need a PvP healer for anything. Hope to see you around.
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15 Gnome Rogue
Yeah i only recently came back to alliance and i know what you mean about the population lol and Whoa you've actually seen 10 people my records 5 so far haha but still i refrain from killing alliance on my rogue one reason your like an Epic drop in a low lvl instance very rare haha these days i just sap unstealth and surprise and hand out the /woot emote followed by generally yous letting me skin your kills =D
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90 Goblin Shaman
hi guys. there was once i engaged in world pvp on my own accord, i enjoyed killing that wretched worgen and i loved every minute of it! but then something happened, the worgen called for his pack and soon i was outnumbered and was eventually killed )= *sad face* now there was nothing i could have done at that point of time, so i decided after a great deal of consideration to hit the forums cause obviously im better at whining than i am at playing the game.

true story.

every dog has its day.
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