1v1 PVP Contest

I am going to be hosting a 1 on 1 pvp contest to find who is the "best pvper" on the server. doesnt matter what class you play. doesnt matter what spec you play. also doesnt matter if you would ever wear pvp gear. that means tanks/healers/even rogues can come.. the game would end at 10mins at the most.. if it went over 5mins its a do over. after the 2nd do over it well be SUNDDEN DEATH... first player gets to 50% lose.

Rules:1. Anything that you CAN NOT use in arena are not allowed in this contest. (aka bloodlust, army, lay on hand, etc)
2. rouges and druids CAN NOT stealth more than 30sec each time...
3. no potions, buff food, flask, elixirs allowed. (only Alchemy can use their flask of enhancement)
4. no !@#$ talk, if you lose you are out, people are more than welcome to stay to watch but you wont get do play again.
5. the contest is base on 1game. not 2out of 3. just ONE game, you lose your out, better luck next time.

here is what the WINNER gets.

No.1 gets 35k gold or (sandstone) 1 person
No.2 gets 12k gold or (chopper) 1person
No.3 gets 4k gold or (maybe a Guardian Cub) 1person

both allinace and horde are welcome. this well be hosted at Friday. 11/11/11(o wow) 8:00 server.
All the mount/item is my personal stuff. so my rules, and we choose the winner. and honestly i dont care if a mage sheep u 250times in a battle

ALLIANCE.. im also looking for a leader on the allinace side to take care this for me. if anyone want to do it let me know thx

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85 Undead Mage
wish I could come but going to be in real life. let me know if a round two comes along would love to participate. I hope you guys have a lot of fun
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if this one goes well then im goona do another one soon. but if people dont show up or dont like the idea then this would be the last one..

i dont see why they wont like it. its free !@#$ and all they need to be doing is killing people haha
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You're a Death Knight. I'll !@#$ on you. Inv me

Now we are talking.. if any1 beat Datas in any 1on1 gets 500g
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85 Dwarf Death Knight
You're a Rogue. I'll !@#$ on you.

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11/06/2011 09:47 PMPosted by Datas

Now we are talking.. if any1 beat Datas in any 1on1 gets 500g

What do i get for every win i get?

if u beat everyone you get the sandstone.. haha
but you get nothing for beating any1..
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Zaubo VS Datas who is going to win... lets start bidding at 100g
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85 Tauren Druid
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
filps i love you this thread is worth the read. i love how the DK's assume they will win.
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67 Blood Elf Rogue
Why would you choose the day Skyrim comes out? No ones going to show up.
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Cant wait to get my 35k, im going to need for more GEMS!!! :D
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