Hey! Thanks for popping back in.

Right On Red World Rank: 3598

Thanks for playing. How's that moped? You should try it with the bicycle seat on sometime.
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100 Worgen Druid









No one cares what your progression is.

The fact you keep coming back to post on the forums (Where a grand total of 20 people read; probably half that are people from OFF SERVER) of some server who, like ghetto said, has never cared about progression for a long %^- *!@#ing time to boast about your accomplishments (that no one gives a flying $%^- about) leads people only to assume you have some inferiority complex over a video game. Congratulations.

Vanilla: You were irrelevant by SKYWALL standards

BC: You were irrelevant by SKYWALL standards

Wrath: GM of some guild that was irrelevant by SKYWALL standards

Cata: T11: Slightly ahead on progression of SKYWALL (But let's be honest, how hard are tens compared to 25s. Not very hard)
T12: Apparently NINE DAYS, ahead of skywall standards. That can't possibly be enough to warrant a huge boost in Ego. (Or too keep it from hiding I suppose) Maybe all those years of you being irrelevant just pent up so much rage inside you you just had to let it out.

Ya did good kid.

Why don't you just. Stop. All you do here is make a fool of yourself.


10/10 will rage every time.

You left? Great. Stay gone.

Zane, nobody is ever stuck anywhere. The only reason you are not in Hallowed right now is because San replaced you since you're such a DBag. And the only reason you're off server is because none of the decent

"for skywall standards" (<- Needed to put this in so you don't go another rant)

guilds would accept you. (That's not a knock at ability, all decent guilds that would be a fit for you are full)
Edited by Drag on 11/23/2011 10:35 AM PST
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skywall is a place for bros, not pros, youre certainly not a bro, go be a 12yroldpro elsewhere, and stay there.

i miss you san
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100 Worgen Druid
11/22/2011 08:27 PMPosted by Venicide
he got completely owned

pff not a single shadow priest can hold a candle to me--and the rest of this server is so it goes without saying.

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you've posted more than anyone else and win the butthurt prize for this thread. You even beat Zane and from what i've seen that's hard to do. I think he started crying IRL.
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90 Troll Priest
<---highly amused by the very brief existence of the link on the Maelstrom forum and the mysterious disappearance of all of Venicide's posts in this thread.

Venicide: I don't have anything personal against you, but you're not going to make any friends by acting like an elitist !@#. You know how I stack against you in terms of skill and I run with two other shadow priests who are at least as good as I am. It's a game, you can have fun without trying to lord your epeen over others.
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90 Orc Shaman
cool... story....

lookin to transfer back to skywall?

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100 Worgen Druid
I didn't even get to see Venom's response. Do I win the thread?
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
11/23/2011 04:06 PMPosted by Drag
I didn't even get to see Venom's response. Do I win the thread?

You may have had a chance of winning the thread, however, I, Hastsukuyomi, world's only Assassination Fury Warrior must intervene and take what is truly mine, in this case victory over the thread.

Who's Venom?
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