Save Alterac Valley!

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04/14/2012 10:12 AMPosted by Thorngral
Convinced my Battleground to turtle in an epic Alterac Valley, We summoned Icelord and kept him healed as he marched north pulverizing all the alliance in the way. They tried to tank him... After he had stacked to 10. Yeah i think he is still VERY useful as he goes after tanks first, healers second, and THEN dps classes... and IGNORES RESILIENCE (^.^)
I was in a BG where the game got pulled into a turtle and we were able to summon the ice lord.

It was amazing. I fraps'd it, too.

I am in support of this idea, so that we can actually see things like the bat riders and the ice lord come into play.
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I approve of this thread.

Generally you spend more time on your mount riding to the opposite end of the map than you do 'pveing' the final boss. There is no pvp.
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old AV was fun! the long drawn out struggles for one made it worth the time spent!

some changes I want in AV would be to have the bosses scale to require an effort by 40 players of a perfect formula to be defeated, but require the full concentration of 40 players.

that means you need 8 Tanks, 8 Healers, and 24 DPS, all on the boss at the same time.

if your team doesnt have a 40-man team with 8 tanks, 8 healers, and 24 DPS, then the boss should be downright IMPOSSIBLE.

scale reinforcements to 1000

and make it so the defeat of the general does NOT mean an automatic win/loss. you have to thoroughly capture/destroy EVERYTHING the enemy has, so even if the enemy has ONE Graveyard, or ONE tower/bunker, it's still on!

make other objectives MANDATORY! Badges for windriders/gryphons, elemental boss summon, control of all towers/bunkers. mine supplies, mounts gathered, maxing out the level of your guards, EVERYTHING.

Modify the Frostwlf village to be accessible ONLY through the front gate! I've been able to jump over the wall on numerous occasions, and it's gotten annoying to see these problems go ignored!

maybe tweak Lok or Ivus to be siege weaponry controlled by the player with elemental adds.

With needed changes, AV has to be a long drawn-out battle again. it was more fun in long drawn out battles.

Double honor generation for battles lastng longer than an hour, or add a multiplier for honor gains that will escalate to conquest gains if your team wins with perfect control over AV.

It would be fine to tweak AV to generate Conquest points for perfect control of the battle.
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I seem to recall prior to Cataclysm that there was a 40-50 page thread begging Blizzard to fix Cataclysm, but unless I missed something drastic it seems as though they haven't even acknowledged our requests. Which is unfortunate, since Cataclysm would have been the perfect time to change it up. But no, we get a revamped Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep, which is fine and all but... why not give pvp some love too? And as much as I appreciate WSG and AB with different skins, that's basically all the new battlegrounds are. It seemed like Isle of Conquest would make a return to the glory of AV, but it's only a fraction of the sheer pleasure I'd get in there. In fact, I've pretty much given up on pvp since AV, my previous favorite, was nerfed into oblivion. Leaving it in the game really only seems like it's harming the community. Those who remember what it was keep muttering about it, while those who don't actively try to finish the game early even if it means losing just for some extra honor.

I know there's always hope, but it's very hard to see it at this point. They've ignored it for so long it feels as though they have given up themselves. And that is the worst part of all.

But for what it's worth, i BUMP this for great justice. Please repair AV. It doesn't have to be the 6 hour marathon it used to be, but please just make it tolerable.
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The Official "Save Alterac Valley" Letter-Writing Campaign

Hello, and welcome to the official "Save Alterac Valley" letter-writing campaign. For those of you who don't know what this is all about, here it is in a nutshell:

Alterac Valley has been heavily modified over the years, but these changes have been band-aid fixes designed to solve specific problems, such as players not being able to acquire Marks of Honor in a consistent, timely manner. Such problems are no longer applicable, yet the changes to AV have not been unmade.

It is time to rip off those bandages and restore AV to its full former glory, albeit with some modern innovations. First and foremost, it needs to be recognized as a unique battleground that cannot and should not be lumped together with the other "30-minute" battlegrounds.

Below is a form letter to Tom Chilton. Please copy it into your favourite word processor, replace the [Your Name Here] with your name and signature, then print it out and mail it to:

Tom Chilton
C/O Blizzard Entertainment
P.O. Box 18979
Irvine, CA 92623

Letters speak louder than forum posts, but don't forget to voice your support for our campaign in this thread anyway, and do what you can to spread the word to other forum users, guild members and fellow battleground aficionados.

A new expansion approaches, and the time to make our voices heard is now. Do you want a glorious, challenging battleground? Do you want the option to play a short or a long battle? Do you want to being PvP back to Alterac Valley?

I have been supporting this idea for YEARS, heck if nothing less then do a AV classic for the people who experience and enjoy the old av and if you like keep the current one for those who want to get in and out.

Of all the changes over all the years in wow and we are taking about a LOT, this is one change that never should have happen.

I don't have a printer to print the form or I would print them out by the dozens, so please who ever from blizzard that reads these, LET OUR VOTE and VOICES be heard.

We really need the old AV back with the proper level/HP of the guards and quests. God I would play AV until I was dead.... no offense to anyone but whom ever decision it was to change this I really hope you can go back to AV classic or make it where we can select AV classic since there is NO TB or WG (ZONE PVP) in this expansion.
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11/07/2011 11:17 PMPosted by Foury
[quote="35586057743"]I'm so for the changes to AV but sadly I haven't seen a blue response to any of these posts in, well, ever.

They're quite good at ignoring forum requests for Classic AV.


I hate to say this but they are really good with lack of communication, deleting a post they don't like and banning people along with ignoring really good thought out plans.

I have to say that I played Ever Quest from 1999 to 2004 and a little of EQ2 in 2004 and I really thought SONY had the worst customer service. I am not saying blizzard does because at least they in game GM are very nice and really tries to help out, but when it comes to the forums, no offense to anyone but my opinion is blizzard really slips before SONY in customer service when it comes to COMMUNICATION.

Wow how hard is it to communicate on something, but yet you see a blue post on some of the stupidest subject that really has nothing to do with the game like "WHAT iS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR"? question.

Can you please start answering some serious questions about the GAME? and maybe you might keep players instead of slowing losing them.
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05/10/2012 12:05 AMPosted by Luxxinterior
we understand how some av reformers feel but we can't and won't change our goal to meet their wishes

WHAT is their goal? I have yet to see exactly where Blizzard is trying to aim Alterac Valley, other than into a ditch so it can be removed with 0 warning in a random patch/expansion.

Oh wait...
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11/07/2011 10:59 PMPosted by Duskwhisper
one particular AV i was lasted 17 hours

This isn't a good thing. Trust me on this.

You may be thinking it was a good thing back in the day, but why would one want to waste so much time on a stalemate?

because some of us log on for more than just accumulating points to hold over someone elses head ... its called fun
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Holy necro. This poor thread. Just when it thinks its dead, Someone revives it. Wow. Btw, like someone on the first page said. It only lasted so long because no one knew what to do. Ive been in matches where an AV would go for an hour+ with everyone just burning each other right in mid. Then we horde summoned the frosty one. Ive had it come down to were the resources counted.

Its not any changes, but the players. They want it fast. Thus, it goes fast.
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I miss the nostalgia of the old days where AVs would last for days on end. I loved the big "war" that always went on. I hate what the game has come to now, because they made it way too appealing to "casuals" I think that was the biggest downfall of this game. But non-theless I still play it because sadly it is still the best mmorpg out there.
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Blizz is wishing people would just forget how fun av was

You said the key words.

Isn't this game about FUN? People get tired of professions, raiding, regular bgs, arena and just hanging out in town. Sure MoP will be good for the first 6 months and knowing blizzard it will be twice that long before we get another patch with any new content.\

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I've seen so many of these 'repair AV' threads, there is no way Blizz doesn't know it's broken.

If they wanted to REALLY change it to make it fun, they could always make it more like Isle of Conquest. Yes, that would make it a total clone and I know a lot of people who do not like the Isle, but really... the entire bg right now is just running to the other side of the map and killing the general. The end. That said though, I could see them making it work. Things like holding the center field for a certain time could summon the druids, escorting the flight masters back would give you air strikes immediately (it's hard to get them back when the enemy is being defensive) and they could have a barrier in front of the generals camp until you take a certain graveyard or something, to stop people simply zerging in and hoping for the best.

Now that I think about it... there are a TON of ways to fix AV. Even if they don't repair it to it's initial inception, they could do so much to make it fun again if they wanted to.

The fact that they haven't even touched it tells me they have given up on it entirely.

Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep got upgraded (why SFK? was it ever popular?) and Scarlet Monastary is getting an upgrade in Mists, so why can't they re-make a dead battleground? Or if that won't work, remove it as a battleground and turn it into a Tol Barad style zone. Every 2 hours the zone would reset and you'd fight to take over the enemies territory (not just 'defend' or 'attack' but a balance of both. Something Wintergrasp and TB were notoriously unbalanced because of.)

Frankly, while I have preferences, I am willing to accept anything that makes AV fun to play again. But the mind-numblingly dumb and dull BG that is AV is just stupid. It's stupid to play, it's stupid not to be getting changed, and it's stupid for still even existing. Hell, you could turn it into the games largest battleground for 'capture the flag', it's still better than what they offer now.

I could rage at this forever, but if Blizz is going to jam their fingers in their ears and shout 'we can't hear you we can't hear you' at the top of their lungs then frankly I'm just not entering a random pvp for a while. Nothing depresses me more in this game than finding myself queued up for AV. (seriously, how has this not been officially addressed yet?)
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I don't disagree with one single word of the OP
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Its a shame that they make new PVP areas instead of fixing one of the first ones to be released.

What happened to WG when Cata came out? no ones there. Waste of space now. What do you think is going to happen to TB when MoP comes out?
Most likely there will be no reason to play there anymore.

Yet we are forced to join AV from random queues that nearly everyone hates what it has become.

Blizz...Fix the BG that will always be around... dont waste time on ones that will be forgotten a year later.
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oh and BTW.. Ive been posting these links in nearly every AV thread. Written by the same guy as this very thread.

Very well written. It really is worth reading every last word of the OP and several of the comments too.

A Brief History of Alterac Valley (Capped)
A Brief History of Alterac Valley, Part II
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