PvP Season 10 Ending Soon- Updated


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MMR Reset?!?! YAY!
Truly sorry for all you inexperienced pvp'ers that will have to come up against us experienced players next season.. wait no im not.. faceroll nubs to 2.2k inc. el oh el.

you are an, "experienced player"?.... lol

2100 arenas played.... peaking around 1800...

have fun, "facerolling nubs to 2.2k" when you yourself fall in the inexperienced category.

mmr reset :D
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What I'd like to know is: If they are still working out issues with 4.3 on the ptr, why did they just waste 15GB of my bandwidth downloading a patch?
85 Troll Hunter
plz fix mage/rouge so op its crazy
3 Troll Hunter

Shut up, PVE guy.

See guild name.

O i c wat you did thar
85 Troll Shaman
So, I suppose the gear will look the same again just with better stats, right? I think making the ruthless set as the honor gear for next season would be awesome but I guess I'll just stick to gearing one character this time around if I'm gonna do all this BG grinding again =P
100 Night Elf Druid
now buff resto druids please, we are garbage right now and just reducing pushback on cyclone isn't enough to help us, we need some defensive cooldowns or passive mitigation.

Q: There hasn't been any questions answered about Resto Druids yet. Can you talk about our extremely weak state in PvP and the fact that we're the only healer not only not seeing a buff but seeing a nerf in 4.3?

A: We will definitely be addressing some of the PvP weakness of Resto Druids in 5.0. For one, the ability to recreate the Restokin builds of earlier expansions was introduced in the talent trees. Carefully selecting talents like Typhoon and Wild Charge together will give Restoration Druids a lot more opportunity to control. One of the new abilities Resto Druids will get baseline is a replacement for Barkskin that can be cast on others with the same effect and cooldown. Finally, we have a new level 87 ability abiltiy in mind for all Druids called Symbiosis that will blwo your mind and potentially add a lot of flexibility and utility, including survivabiltiy options.


uh yeah?? we went full expac with being the weakest healer its !@#$ed up.. that !@#$ isnt coming out till MoP comes out..
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Ok, I have a question... maybe somebody can help me out here...

Last season, when the season ended the s9 vicious gear became available for honor and a lot of us blew honor on it. Then, a week later, they introduced slightly better s10 vicious gear for honor, replacing the lesser s9 vicious, and we all cried foul and blizz gave us back some honor to compensate for the mixup.

What I'm wondering is if this sort of thing is going to happen this year? the OP is a bit confusing because it says 1) the s10 conquest gear will become available for honor but also 2) 4.3 will introduce "higher ilvl pvp items".

So what's going to happen? I'm capping out my honor in anticipation of upgrading all this vicious crap I have and don't want to waste it so I want to be sure I know what's happening here.

Anybody have any ideas about this?
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Will I get a 'nice try' participation trophy item?

a three legged dog pet would work I think.
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Sooo..all my hard earned VP & CP items will no longer be elite? Everyone will be walking around with Ruthless gear in less than one month.
Ok, so im fairly new to wow..only about one year.. I remember this 'conversion' after season 9 ended earlier this year...but I really didn't believe the exact same thing would happen again in just 6 months....Can someone explain how this is not frustrating and does not make playing wow a complete waste of time then? At least as far as grinding Arenas and Heroics for items goes.
This seems to really subtract from the appeal of a game where you build your character, because the effort just gets 'wiped' every 6 months in one swift move. I don't understand. Maybe only harcore 24-7 players could appreciate or explain this systems
Unless i'm missing something here...I.m certainly not grinding Arenas or Heroics etc. til dawn anymore for items that are obsolete in 6 months....I may just have to do something else...

Planned obsolescence at it's best my friend.

Welcome to the capitolistic society we live in.

Blizzard does this to ensure you continue to pay your monthly subscription.


85 Human Warrior
PvP is getting love. It feels nice. Thanks Blizz!! =DD
85 Undead Priest
11/10/2011 10:13 PMPosted by Siouxfall
i smell TSG

yep, i hate that smell, at least this season it was way weaker
100 Worgen Hunter
real nice so pvpers QQ and push back 4.3 for everyone else real nice guys

Thats ok Ri ft is going to 1.6 "this week"....
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uh yeah?? we went full expac with being the weakest healer its !@#$ed up.. that !@#$ isnt coming out till MoP comes out..

You well full expac being the weakest PVP healer, you know that aspect of the game that doesnt roll their subs every month. You are getting some love, but unless you make up 50 percent of the player base dont expect them to focus on you as much as you want.
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wow... it should have been out weeks ago.. there is no longer anything to do in game i should be compensated for the last 2 months i havent played...
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11/12/2011 12:50 AMPosted by Purely
It's the attitudes of high rated PVP'ers such as yourself

What's funny is that guys highest arena achievement is 1750 which is hardly considered "high rated".
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Planned obsolescence at it's best my friend.

Welcome to the capitolistic society we live in.

Blizzard does this to ensure you continue to pay your monthly subscription.


I suppose you would rather live in a world where there is no innovation, nothing is ever improved on, therefore nothing ever becomes obsolete. You realize the computer you are using to post your message was an improvement over computers several years back, which was an improvement over computers 2 decades ago. Those were all obsoleted, they wouldn't be able to do what you can do today with your computer. How do you expect society to develop if it never introduces anything new? That video you posted was one of the worst attempts at presenting someone's fantasy as factual information that I have ever seen. The person that made that video seems to be living in a parallel dimension where they are a genius, but by some twist of fate all their ideas are sent to this dimension where everything they say is provably wrong.

To top it all off, none of this has anything at all to do with this forum topic. It's simply some player wanting to spread their little make believe societal views and trying to play it off as being somehow related to Blizzard as a company doing what the players want. This game is for entertainment. Of course it's a complete waste of money for everyone that plays it. All of us could be doing something more productive than playing this game. The point is, we work and make money and contribute to society so that we can also afford to do some things that we want to do. Players want the game to keep going on, so the arena season will end, new better gear will be introduced, and all of us can continue doing what we enjoy in the game we love. It has NOTHING even remotely to do with planned obsolescence.
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11/12/2011 03:48 AMPosted by Seraphys
real nice so pvpers QQ and push back 4.3 for everyone else real nice guys

Shut up, PVE guy.

^^ this.

The entire game favors pve. Shut up and let us have SOMETHING for once.
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Don't speak ill of pve players. It takes alot to follow that script.
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