11-11-11, Deus is crowned Battlemaster

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Yes, I reek of pure awesome. Discuss /flex
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so much for making a thread called 11-11-11, Popezilla gets Swift White Hawkstrider.....

but seriously, congrats on that! it's even more amazing that on the game you got battlemaster you also got, We Had It All Along *cough*
Edited by Popezilla on 11/11/2011 4:17 PM PST
90 Orc Warrior
Yeah, we were ahead and decided we'd let them take three bases to our two. It was actually so close, I could swear as it inched toward the end it appeared the intervals in which they accrued resources had a slight edge.

How convenient that it was I who took to the Stables, blew Fury cooldowns, gibbed three people and took their flag for a disruption to win the game and the title by 10.

I think it's going to get real interesting on patch day, when I acquire my instant gratification level 391 PvP gear. Tol Barad is going to be some tense !@#$.
Edited by Deus on 11/12/2011 10:35 AM PST
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Pretty sure they nerfed that achievement to 50 points so that you didn't have to try as hard. Congrats either way, all of those achievements are craptastic to get in Cata.
*pokes her finger in your butt! t(^.(O_o)
90 Orc Warrior
Yes, I was aware of the change but it felt extra good to force a 10 point victory with a random group.

Also, it is seriously fun to steamroll people with significant self-healing capability through Bloodthirst/Second Wind/Blood Craze/Victory Rush/Enraged Regeneration/Rallying Cry.
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I steamroll people because I'm Furls.
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Second Battlemaster~
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If you never left the AB I hosted two years ago you would of had it then Deus! It was fun hearing everyone in vent calling you Deh-Us though. Good times
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