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Does anyone know what happened to Pantheon and The Stonecutters?
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I think they both dissolved, but I'm not positive about Stonecutters though.
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Pantheon died because almost every1 of consequence xffered off the server or quit the game out right. Darien raid leading didn't help matters much. Stonecutters imploded because of Dualla's tyrannical rule and the officer core being disgusted with him, leading to everyone gquitting.
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Pantheon still exists but I really don't think they do much anymore. Armory is listing Mclearan as the GM and that was one of Fatal's alts if I recall correctly. I spoke to Integral maybe a week or so ago and he was talking about being done with the game more or less.

Back at the start of ICC right after we had reached 9/12 Heroic some internal drama that had been building over time lead to several people transfering off and then shortly thereafter Fildred declared that he was taking a break since progression looked hopeless.

Leeb did a phenomenal job holding the guild together and getting them to finish 11/12 in ICC and manage at least a 10 man HLK kill. When Cata started several people came back including two former officers from the TBC era and a solid 10 man team started raiding again. This also excluded several long time raiders and led to its' inevitable drama.

The people that had returned quit the game once again, Leeb sold his account, and I think shortly thereafter the guild effectively petered out. The guild forums haven't been used since this past summer and most of the names from the server first days seem to have become inactive or moved oon some time ago.

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Being a former officer of Pantheon for 3 or so years (From Tier 5 to 6 months into Icecrown) I would have to say the guild's peak was in ToC when we downed anub with 50 attempts to get the "Grand Crusader" title. After that we decided to focus on getting yogg 0 which ended up happening the next day which was awesome we were all happy and proud. So it came time to deal with "Mimiron's head", long story short it ended up going to the GM without any prior discussion to anyone other than some half hearted jokes made raid a few weeks earlier. This left a bad taste in the mouth of quite a few people in guild including me and the more well known Jinz. If you have been on this server for 2 years or so you might remember the dk who transferred only few hours after completing the guild/server's first shadowmourne.

Anyway, most people stuck it out to 11 of 12 heroic ICC, we lost a few raiders along the way, most of them leaving shortly after the our yogg 0 kill. Its important to mention one the people lost was our pally tank, Legoship, that kind of hurt which lead us to replacing him with Darien which is why Darien is in guild today, I'm not sure how he got GM.

When it came time to work on HLK there were very few in the guild that had the determination to work on it. My main goal was progression and that wasn't really the mindset of the other people in charge at the time so I decided it was time for me to bow out and take a break. Shortly after over half the core quit playing or transferred which left the guild to taking whoever to fill raid spots and then to the eventual cease of 25 man raiding altogether. The few remaining core raiders who stayed for cata formed a 10 man that was pretty decent but only wanted to raid casually. Anyone who wanted to join Pantheon got an invite to guild for leveling and gold purposes. A few months into cata the old GM quit playing and passed GM onto some priest who I guess passed it onto Darien. So thats what happened

I'm not sure where the old core went Yukio probably would know better as he is quite the social butterfly. As for me I raid over on Illidan with Yukio in a 25 man guild, its pretty cool.
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Lol, I started writing that before Yukio but I got distracted and ended up posting it after. Anyway I got a bit more into the drama of it.
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