Server Merger... not for years

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Many people talk about the possibiility of merging servers between low and medium servers. In my opinion, Not going to happen anytime soon.

1. With patch 4.3 and Raid Finder coming out. It will have several months of trial to see if it meets the needs of players. If it does what its supposed to getting to end game content will be much easier for smaller servers. 4.3 drops in Decemberish, so nothing before June 2012. But then you're looking at MoP.

2. Mists of Pandaria. WOW tends to drop off before an expansion. People take breaks and get bored with current content. A calm before the storm. When the expansion drops Blizzard needs the infrastructure to support a customer surge. So if you're thinking of server merger add a year after Mists of Pandaria drops. 2013ish?

3. Blizzard has designed WOW to be spread out for better game play. Hence Orgimmar and Stormwind have several inns and AHs. This trend started in BC with the Design of Silvermoon. The era of everyone standing in front of the Bank dancing on the one and only mailbox is over.

So my opinion on server merger: Not for a long time.

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You have raised a lot of good points. Blizzard is not going to dismantle their infrastructure until the game has been on the decline for an extended period of time. Even then they are more likely to discontinue the smallest realm offering free server transfers to the remaining characters than to merge two realms. Merging realms would be a monumental database task. Think for a moment about how many names alone are duplicated. Who would get to keep theirs?

If playing on a small realm is not for you, then you will likely have to transfer on your own dime. Until then, you are stuck with Blairidine and I on the best little awful realm in the land. Go Drak.
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Finally, someone that sees the logistical nightmare that mergers would be. It won't ever happen, period.

Blizzard tries to fix server imbalance when it gets to the point that a server no longer functions at all, not when things get a little tougher. The low pop of Drak is not nearly as debilitating as people make it out to be. However, Blizzard has left players a choice, albeit with a real world cost attached. People (ie Tyranny) that don't think they can flourish on a realm like Drak have the option to leave and go elsewhere.

Population isn't everything. Blizzard is attempting to make server population a non-issue by allowing the finders to look across realms (BG, Dungeon, now Raid.)

As far as on server, find a guild or start one. The server is only as good as the people on it. Make Drak a good place to play, or just eat the 25$ and move on.
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Yea i agree with Zepp, merger is unlikely.
Think for a moment about how many names alone are duplicated. Who would get to keep theirs?

The only solution blizzard is gonna give is a free transfer to Drak. I have not heard of any other treatment other than a free transfer to a low populated realm.
If you are hardcore, just reroll your character in the new realm, its easy to do 6/7 fireland nowadays.

Infamous, When@Drak
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As far as on server, find a guild or start one. The server is only as good as the people on it. Make Drak a good place to play, or just eat the 25$ and move on.

Agreed. As small as Drak is, I really don't mind it too much now. I have a grat guild who is progressing thru FL and dont have to wait for Qs to get in etc.

Home is where you want to make it, etc etc etc.
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blizzard won't merge servers because they don't know how to do it -- how do they resolve duplicate names, how do they deal with people that will have more than 10 toons?

Also, they would be admitting defeat, and that's clearly not something they want to do. Our server sucks so bad you can do /who stormwind during peak hours and see 15 players. It feels like a single player game. Our realm is "medium" population, so god have mercy on those other servers.

Also, blizzard wants to milk that server transfer cow. Why would they provide a free service when people are already paying good money to move their toons? The new guild transfer feature is just an extension of this.

Keep dreaming about your server merges.
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We're "medium" because we were flagged for New Players; there are probably tons of mid-level characters that these new players aren't even playing anymore that are contributing to our population. Like you said:

12/19/2011 06:29 PMPosted by Darglar
Our server sucks so bad you can do /who stormwind during peak hours and see 15 players.

meaning these players are probably max level characters with no one to play with.

Duplicate name solution:

Let's say we were to be merged with Burning Legion. If there was another Fmya on that server, myself and that other person would receive this message at character selection "Another player has this character's name: do you want to keep your name?" If we both answer 'Yes' then our names are Fmya-Drak'tharon and Fmya-BurningLegion. If one of us answers 'Yes' and the other 'No', then simply offer a free name change to the person who answered 'No'. If we both answer 'No', then we both get name changes.

You could give players a week or so to answer: if they don't answer their default answer is 'No'.
You wouldn't be allowed to play your character until you answered that question for that character.
If I was waiting for the other person's response my character would be called Fmya-Drak'tharon in the meantime.

Some of these same features could be applied to duplicate guild names. If there was another Bad Example, the new guild names would be Bad Example-Drak'tharon and Bad Example-BurningLegion. Then both guilds would have the opportunity to keep it or change it.

Too many characters solutions:

Simple solution: bump up the character limit. We are getting a new race and it should be bumped up anyways.

Don't merge characters below a certain level

After a limit bump and not allowing lower level characters, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone still breaching the limit. If you do, make this person make a hard decision: do you really need 2 or even 3 of the same class? (There is dual spec for a reason.)

It's not exactly admitting defeat. It's better for business. Do you let your customers suffer and eventually quit because of a poor gaming experience, or do you help bolster their experience by giving them more people to play with?

If Blizzard still wants to be a corporation (greedy money-making conglomerate that doesn't care about their customers) they could charge people a flat fee for merging. The person could either individually transfer off all characters (and delete unwanted ones) before the merger, or pay the merger fee.
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I would have to feed into all the other ideas suggested here.

I recall as EQ was starting to come apart at the threads.. One of the big mistakes they made was to combine servers. It confused people, it made people angery.

More improtantly, if your a person like myself that moves to this server to be on a smaller server.. think how annoyed you are when you suddenly cannot find any place to kill mobs when the next expasnion comes out. I hate waiting in lines to go ahead and kill mobs.

I left tichondrius 2+ years ago due to that exact reason.

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That's a short-term problem. Once people are done leveling in an area (or leveling period) you no longer have that issue.

I'm talking about the long-term; at the release of 4.3 (when you should see a rise in activity) this server still felt dead. Two major horde guilds jumped ship during Firelands. Without these two guilds it has become a pain to form any sort of pug; even if you do form a pug, you aren't getting very far.

I'm paying to play a MMORPG not a MORPG.
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