The hall of remembrance thread

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Over the years I've seen and met a lot of amazing people on Malygos all for different reasons, I've watched players go from level 12 nobodies to level 85 hardcore raiders, I can't help but have some pride in the "noobs" who have been keeping this server alive, all trolling aside, but like with anything, we cannot look forward as a server, alliance or horde, until we learn and celebrate our colorful past and the people in it.
I would like you to share your stories not just of your own feats but of players past and present who you have at one time looked up too, maybe you fought alongside a legendary pvper to defend a city, maybe you raided with a guild that is no longer here, what have you, I want to know what mark they left on you. Whether they still play, stopped playing, died, ect., share their stories with us.
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I remember the days when Ironforge wasn't a ghost town and me and squall would make sexy time on the bridge in front of the AH. He was a bro among bros. I couldn't carry his priest with his blue BOE OH to greatness though, which is my biggest regret
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Turack is a god.
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When I read your thread I could not help but reply. As the former GM of Head Removal Inc. I have many fond memories of Malygos and its members. We were not the top guild, we were not the best raiders however we were a group of fun people that shared good and bad times together. I remember many of the people I played this game with and every now and again I check the forums to see if I can catch a glimpse of them and how they are doing, if they still play etc. I considered them my friends and still do and wish nothing but the best in life for them.

I just read that the guild Hell broke up. That just breaks my heart as they were the guild that everyone strived to be. They were a great group of people and obviously awesome raiders. It was a very well organized guild to accomplish all that it did. I was happy each and every time an achievement was announced that they were "realm first" for this or that. It made me proud to play horde and proud to be a part of the server. Hearing that it is no longer active kind of takes of piece of the the game away from me just like when my guild broke up, Hell was the guild that was always supposed to be. They were the elite of Malygos. In any case I want to congratulate you on your past accomplishments and wish you the very best on your future endeavors.

I rarely play the game anymore but if any former members of HRI read this, know that you are thought of and missed. You were all unique individuals, each with great qualities, you will go far in life. As for the "Hall of Rememberance" thread, each and every one of you are in my hall. Take care of yourselves.

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Great thread Borrus! As a past officer of Reagan Smash I would always keep an eye on Hell and those guys as I guess we sorta "competed" with them and I have to agree with the poster above-it really sucked when that guild folded. They were great players and kept horde side somewhat relevant. Anyways, to get more into specific players...we've had some good ones. You can still find some of Mido's (rogue) video's on WCM. We had Duckers and Slappywag back in Tbc who went on to become pretty big names over at Arena Junkies. Personally, one of the brightest/most patient players I ever interacted with was a player by the name of Virac/Elizabathory. He got me into my first guild (Veterans of the Phoenix, still going strong!) and basically taught me how to play WoW. Anyways, just because things are kinda bleak right now doesn't mean maly hasn't had its rockstars. Viva la maly!
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Vax is a grate guy and deserves all of my frog coins.
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I remember when I hit the barrens for the first time and accidentally found the Crossroads. It was there that I witnessed a battle of epic proportions as Borrus (then a Tauren hunter) in his Season 1 gear fended off two gnome mages and a night elf druid. That sight alone inspired me to level my hunter (Vax) and make him my main for all of BC and Wrath.

Some great memories overall. Too many to list here.

I'll never forget raiding with Agurno and Crustaceo in <Drums of War> and <Thanatos>. Leveling up with Hellsfate, Kichi, Evanescently, Necropheliac (later changed to Liesandtruth), Kildraad, Formargo and many others.

I'll never forget running Zul'Aman with Emg and Wodinaz (the latter inspiring me to make this druid) or raiding Karazhan, Gruul and Magtheridon with <Shadow of Intent>. Nor shall I forget joining <Veterans of the Phoenix> for the first time, raiding Mount Hyjal, Tempest Keep and SSC with Arcticon and Bartley.

I won't forget running dungeons with powerhouse players like Malybean and Jellibean, and the amazing trio of Annzi, Kallahan and Grazzt.

And then Wrath came out, and we all rushed to level 80. I won't forget joining <Team Fail> and raiding Naxxramas for months and months. I won't forget Stoli's magnificent tanking, Arcticon's 'no nonsense' leadership, Vanny's horrible internet connection, Terronega's untouchable DPS and Iammika being overly protective of Frizy for some reason. All fond memories.

I won't forget raiding Ulduar and ToGC with <Reagan Smash>. Winning Wintergrasp at 3am with Kichi and her sister Priamsgirl (later changed to Frankkie). I also won't forget raiding with <Armageddon> all throughout my WoW career all those times they needed a sub after meeting Shadowspawns and Bootaka in early Burning Crusade.

I won't forget running old raids and collecting sets of armor with Phlegyas and then finding out Transmogrification would be implemented months later.

And even though Cataclysm seems to have taken many of our old friends away, we've still had a good time. I won't forget raiding with <Wasted Epics> with Painme and Lokki, as brief as it was. Then, most recently, joining <Veterans of the Phoenix> once again for Firelands fun and the long and arduous journey to being 8/8 in Dragon Soul with Wellivan, Klemedia, Pandabearr, Arcticon, Crimznrain (later changed to Chaos), Upnsmoke on his priest and druid, Dwarfeater, Astrida and Hellsfaith on his warlock.

All great memories. A few favorites would probably be raiding with Stoli, Arcticon and Terronega in Naxxramas. Emg and Wodinaz in Zul'Aman. And BGing with Frankkie.

So many friends. Many of them are not listed here. But you are missed.

Looking forward to more great memories in Mists of Pandaria.
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I remember the very old days, as in PVPing at crossroads (as an alliance toon then). Such a blast. As a priest I looked up to Lifeguard, my favorite rogue was Mido, and Ugg was always a blast to watch (and heal). I would mention more but many have moved or been deleted so checking my friends list to jog my memory is no help.

A majority of the people I have met here are wonderful people and make WoW very enjoyable, even at its most boring points, I hope the same can be said about me ha.
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Borrus, why are you a Goblin and not a Tauren
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But sir, I am a tauren
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I remember leveling with Superalt and Zeaket, not much to say on that. Zeaket left and Superalt became a colossal douche. My favorite thing to do used to be defending Crossroads with <Ibyish Clan> <Mayhem Militia> <Deadly Venom> and the occasional <Hell> players that showed up back in vanilla. Also I miss Kleitarxos, his strategies in PvP are unlike I have ever seen. Some such as running alone into Westfall when there are 10 flagged pvpers there, and then getting them to chase him back to the mountains where he would have an ambush of 5 other hunters waiting. I also liked watching Ugg pvp, first time I saw him he was in the middle of Booty Bay flagged picking off alliance like he owned the damn place. I made a lot of friends that I miss dearly and I hope if any of you are still active that you will come back to Malygos. :)
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I'm a nobody, but I've been on Malygos from the day I started my trial account back in late Vanilla. I went from being the quintessential NE hunter noob who died from falling off Teldrassil tree-ramps, to the noob scared to join a guild because she knew how bad she was and didn't want anyone to notice, to the noob who finally learned how to *kite* in the last weeks of TBC, to finding that I was actually meant to heal and gradually... little by little... pulling myself out of that yawning noob abyss. With the help of many people, very few of whose names would be recognized by anyone reading this thread.

Grstaka, Tsukihime, Agamany, Darkcro... the Shin Kickers who took me in and taught me how to be not-quite-so-bad. Eventually, I even started raiding. We may not have been pushing progression, but that exposure was transformative for me, and the fact remains that they're the ones who gave me the opportunity and plenty of encouragement.

I left the Kickers in early Cata for raiding reasons, but I'm honoured to be healing a few former Kickers who've joined me in Darn the Goats, along with an amazing core Goat group. We've been successful beyond *our* wildest dreams in Cata, and are excited to see what MoP will bring.

Special thanks to Fret of Dilution for bringing me in on Zurgon's SMK group when the Goats raid was on hiatus in mid-DS, and for that entire group giving me the opportunity to see the rest of DS content. You guys were great, and I'm pleased to have spent those weeks with you! I look forward to running into you all, and I still expect that my priest will be available to fill in randomly if you're short a healer here and there once I've got my Mistweaver up and running in the Goats raid :)

I wouldn't have bothered posting my run-of-the-mill story in this thread except your stories made me remember how important certain people have been to my experience of the game. It's Malygos players who make this game what it is for me; it's Malygos players who keep me logging on day after day after day. It may not be something that's heard frequently, but thank you, Malygos. For everything.
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As a top class nobody who used to play on Malygos, I think it's important that we celebrate the best player recently dead that has ever played on our server..................thats right................... CBASTARD
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To Terronega: a fantastic DK in the WotLK era, a fighter of life-threatening illness that triumphed over his hurdles in Cata.

I'm proud I could help bring joy to one of my heroes from my earlier days.
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Sorry to ruin the party.
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I remember pvp'ng with Borrus plus a ton of other horde and racing to see how fast I could 3 cap on alliance in WSG.
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Lol I remember a lot from when we pvp'd together man we had some epic battles, I miss the old sucks having to grow up.
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I remember hanging in IF tram area with Zeaket, Nillrem, and many others from Arise. Fun times!
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I came to Malygos soon after WotLK came out and I was so ready to meet new people. I'm so glad to have joined the guild Silent Requiem. We weren't the greatest guild to raid but we loved playing with each other. There was never a dull moment with Vestas( Suicide if you knew him), Menza, Satori and everybody else. They all really taught me how to be good at what I do and i will never forget that! Now i'm in Dilution also one of the best guilds I've been in. We all have one goal in WoW and that is to have fun. And that is what we do. So if you were in Silent Requiem just know that you are remembered. I also want to thank Dilution for sticking with it even through the down times when people weren't longing on to raid. Last but not least, Thanks Malygos
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