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With the upcoming looking for raid tool. I think there should be some type of system to allow players to be ranked. This way, you can gauge the players skill and knowledge of the game before you invite them to your raid or group.

Players should be listed in the lfg tool to allow you to see their:

1. role
2. item lvl
3. rank.

Ranking could be set so that it covers the very worse -100 to the very best 100.
The ranks could be set to cover the following general categories.

1. lead (-100 to -60)
2. bronze (-60 to -20)
3. silver (-20 to 20)
4. gold (20 to 60)
5. platinum (60 to 100)

Every one should start at 0 and they could either gain or loose rank from that point.
The rank should be made up of a few basic factors being:

1. Success completion of a dungeon.
2. Completing dungeon in a certain amount of time.
3. completing dungeon objectives in that particular dungeon
4. Points per boss kills in a raid
5. Personal Ranking. Awarded or taken away by team members.

Item 5 requires some thought. Players should be able to rank one another based on their experience in a particular run. Where players choose to not rank each other, points satisfactory points should be awarded automatically. Where a players received a really bad experience from another, they should be aloud to voice their negative experience by giving the intended player a bad rank. conversely where the player has had a really good experience they should be able to reward that player with an above average rank.

A ranking system such as this would give raiders and dungeon seekers a chance to make an intelligent choice when selecting raiders via the looking for group tool.

there could also be rewards for achieving gold and platinum ranks, such as more gold per boss kill.

While this is a rough draft of my idea, Id like to know what every one thinks? Good idea? Bad Idea?
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100 Human Warrior
Is it a coincidence that it's a tank asking for a rating system? Hehe.

Good idea though, #5 is much like the thumbs up/thumbs down rating you see in forum posts.

You should take this to the Suggestion Forum. Blizzard actually does read posts there, and sometimes do actually implement suggestions found there. Years ago I made a post suggesting the Netherdrake be given a glide animation, which it didn't have - alone amongst the dragon mounts. Lo and behold, a few months later, I found to my surprise this was put in game.
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The raid&dungeon forum, or the general forum would be more appropriate venues than the realm forum of some underpopulated realm.

Other than that I think its a highly unwieldy system that solves a non-problem. If you want to play with players of known skill find a guild, its really not that hard. If you want the benefits of a queue to find you people to play with right this second then you pretty much have to be willing to deal with randomized results. Vote kick solves most problems, and leaving and requeueing solves the rest.
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