Proffession Economics and you

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This is not a total assessment, nor would i presume to asses an entire server's economy. I would just like to asses the flow of professions and which ones go ignored while others get over used.

We all know that the professions that make enchantments for players get business. However! Leather working gets minimal revenue from the patches it makes because only a few player get them because equally good alternatives are available from other sources half the time.

Glyphs are not a large market but are the main reason inscription exists yet people will not buy 60% of glyphs that exists. Why is that? Because they are not as powerful as other glyphs pertaining to the rotations of the classses they are assosiated with, the glyphs get ignored and scibes make less then a sustainable income to fuel raiding or pvp.

Herbalism seems to be all the rage yet Alchemists that are not FLASK MASTERS get utterly ignored in trade chat for days on end without use. Yet everyone has potions? It is because you are forcing Alchemists to make a lesser profit by AHing their goods at a such a lessened rate that Potion masters make proffit only when they proc extra. AND ONLY when they are making Mana or Health potions.

Enchanters are constantly in a flow of cash because everyone has mats and always needs enchantments for their gear, making them so rediculously profitable that there is not need for another profession other then to accelerate the gold flow. The same can be said of Jewel-crafters.
Tailor make a decent living because there are so many casting classes that the 2 pathces that they make go faster then you can say "Bob's Your Uncle".

The worst of all is Blacksmiths, Picking locks, Socetting belts, making weapons AND armor,m gives the the widest range of items to produce and sell to players at ridiculous margins of profit because few people actually look at the direct costs of materials they may or may not have payed for what they are selling.

So think about that next time you are looking for a person to make your good.
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Neither of these posts are accurate for everyone. There are multiple routes to the same goal. Different strokes for different folks.
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Adam Smith wrote a wonderful book on the subject titled, "The Wealth of Nations".

I wonder is Smith, Marxx, Keynes, et al would write about WoWenomics if they were alive today... hmm
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