War Game Competition 20k Reward

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Hello Dath’Remarians, Archilese of Xcellence is running a realm wide 10v10 war game competition for any interested.

Competition Details:
• Team must have 10 members
• One team per character
• Will be Warsong Gulch or Twin peaks (Flag capture maps)
• 20k gold reward for winner, 10k for second place, 5k for 3rd
• 1k Gold per team to enter

Send Archilese in game mail with any questions
If you want to submit a team contact Archilese through whisper or in game mail and I will put your name down, gold will not be required until all teams are worked out and a ladder system has been made up.

Looking to get this started in two weeks’ time it all depends on who contacts me.
Please report this thread for sticky so it remains at the top, this will not be a once off competition, additional competitions will be organised later if this is successful.

Edit: I understand that getting both teams online at the same time will be a problem, this will be overcome by getting both team leaders to discuss a time they can both make.
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85 Human Death Knight
This is awkward since I've already won D:
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85 Human Priest
I like the idea. <The Ancients> is looking to start their own regular RBG team come season 11. We will be starting from the ground up, so it might take a bit to get things going with little experience (I've only just jumped back into wow and re-rolled after an extended absence). But when we are established I would like to participate in future War Games.

Do you really think you can get 35+ teams or are you supporting prize money yourself?

Any advice in regards to getting an RBG team together on Dath is appreciated. Once I have my in guild members confirmed I would be pugging/recruiting the rest.
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100 Gnome Warlock
I'm assuming he's hoping for a ton of teams. The only way Arch would have 35k gold would be he started selling himself in the shadier areas of Stormwind.
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85 Human Death Knight
Yeah I didn't mind if not many teams showed up, I was happy to pay the money myself if it encouraged a bit of community within Dath, I notice that the appeal of this game which is not its mechanics or boss fights or loot but its communities were dwindling and I wanted to stir it up a little.

Since the obvious problem with this idea is getting teams online at the same time and getting enough interested people I think we will scrap the idea however I will run similar competitions on perhaps a smaller scale such as fast 5 man runs.

In regards to starting an RBG team I would LOVE to help, I consider it a strength of mine :D

Hit me up if you need strats or help etc, happy to help.
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Dath'remar Elimination War Game Of Neverending Gestures.

Okay I just made that up so it abbreviated to DEWGONG.

But instead of 10v10, could always do elimination games of 5v5 since a ragtag crew of motley friends for half the prize, or something. I always liked the idea of war games, then I realized the fights weren't scripted and you needed friends so I didn't bother with it.
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