The Haunting of Stormwind

96 Undead Rogue
David and Judy Gregory were out for their evening walk. The Orphan Matron was busy trying to put her unruly children to sleep. Fargrow the druid was fishing outside the Dwarven district. In short it was a typical evening in Stormwind.

A Shadow flew over and landed quietly on the shores of the portal Island. I land and go stealth. A quick check of all my supplies ensues. Poisons, check. Smoke flares, check. Time to prowl.

I swim over to the stairway up into the Dwarven district and see a curious sight. A flagged 54 Night elf druid fishing. 2 guards are watching lazily. I slip up the side of the stairs and sap a guard. I pull out my sword and dagger and cheap shot the druid. The unsapped guard joins in. Within a few swings the druid lies at my feet and the guard soon follows. Sadly I do not have time to feed on the succulent corpses before me. I stealth and leave a smoke flare. Time to move on.

I make my way to the cemetery. The guards are as usual guarding the crypt. I slip by them and make my way up the path. How cute a couple out for an evening walk. I slip my knife into Judy's back and swiftly turn and lop off David's head. It's over in seconds and the Gregory's lie at my feet. Once again the annoying guards interrupt my feasting. One follows my hasty retreat into the lake. I dive for the bottom and he follows, his mistake.
We fight on the bottom and soon he too is a corpse at my feet. I stealth once again.

Apparently all of this excitement has not gone un-noticed. I soon see several 85's flying around. They spend a little time running around and occasionally I leave them a green smoke flare to entertain them. Far too many to engage and none are flagged, time to move to a new location.

I make my way over to the cathedral district looking for targets. By now with all the guard interruptions I have become quite hungry and annoyed. I spot several kids running around and heading in and out of a building. I follow and find an older woman trying to herd these unruly children to beds. How tasty! I think my hunger has over ruled my brains. I quickly kill the matron and start on the children and then the guards show up and several alliance dogs as well. Before long I am fighting my way to the NW corner of the cathedral and I die. But wait! I'm already dead, muhahhahahahhah. I make my way back to my bodily shell all the while thinking..GOD I AM HUNGRY!.

I Rez and lick my wounds. I take note of the names of the alliance hovering around my body. I will try to find them some evening alone and see how they taste.

I have a few more adventures before I find my way to a lovely little inn adjoining an alley. The alley's name makes me smile. "Cut-Throat" alley - tailor made I think. I scout around and find there are several patrons and no guards nearby. I slip in and fan of knives. Corpses everywhere! YUM! Grrrr those bloody guards AGAIN! I lead them up to an abandoned bedroom and kill them. I am just getting ready to go dine on my corpses and an alliance paladin arrives. We duel, I am just startingto hold my own and gain the upperhand when an annoying worgen chick shows up and starts healing. Damn. I pop all my cooldowns knowing its futile but put up a fight for a bit longer and make the bloody ally sweat.

I rez and recover my bones again. I leave a few more smoke flares and decide I will have to come back at some point. I am still terribly hungry and need to feed.
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85 Goblin Mage
Great story! =)
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