►►[H]6/7 HM(10m)Looking for healer+DPS/Tank◄◄

90 Undead Rogue
<Balloonshop>(10M) is looking for a few recruits to bolster our roster in preparation for 4.3. We're specifically looking for a healer, preferably a paladin, as well as a tank or DPS. But of course all exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply.

A little history about us and our members. We're a relatively new guild in the sense of guild creation, however our core is made up of a group of members who have raided, PvPed, and known each other for years. We've also raided with the likes of V A N Q U I S H, Vodka, Deus Vox, and several other competitive guilds, so we know what it takes to get things done and stay on top of progression. During early Cata most of our core were raiding members of a top 25 US 10M guild, Magnanimous. When hardmodes were being unlocked, most of our core parted ways to pursue other things whether it be playing other games, real life, or playing with friends on another server.

On 9/20/11 we banded together again to create <Balloonshop> with the hopes of creating a competitive guild while maintaining a casual atmosphere. With most of our members playing either fresh 85s or old alts wearing 346/359 gear, we began our push to catch up to current (albeit nerfed) content. On 11/14/11 we set our sights on HM Rag, completing our 6/7 HM push in under two months.

What can you expect during one of our raids? A fun, satisfying, and progressive experience without all the stress and yelling prevalent in many guilds. While we do strive to be the best we can, we try to treat it as if we're all a group of friends having fun (after all, most of us are!). We will of course tell people if mistakes are made, however we stay as constructive as possible while doing so. Our loot is handled via loot council, while often times you'll see many of us agreeing to simply /random for loot, since most of us are here for the fun and progression, and as long as we're progressing the loot will come.

We currently raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Monday 6-9 PST. But will likely change up a bit to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and maybe Sunday. Also, with progression or new content raid times could start a little earlier or end a bit later.

If you think you'd enjoy the casual atmosphere we provide while also enjoying the competitive side of PvE and can make our raid times or have any questions please contact myself, Drewbarrymoo or Tobyas in game. You can also check out our temporary site we use for applications at www.balloonshop.wowstead.com

We're also looking for active PvPers for RBG groups and arena teams! We have approximately a half dozen multi-time gladiators, and we're looking for more. So if PvE isn't your thing, shoot us a message about PvP!

Thanks for your time,

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90 Undead Rogue
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85 Night Elf Druid
what are your raid times and days?
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85 Goblin Priest
12/05/2011 11:29 AMPosted by Vauldermort
what are your raid times and days?

they are "listed in the OP"
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100 Undead Priest
I am on vacation this week, I'll kill stuff with you if you need a spriest
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