[H] Nothing Personal Top PVE/PVP 7/7Heroic

85 Goblin Hunter
<Nothing Personal> is recruiting!!!!

What you need to know:Our GM is disabled(mentally or physically is not important). Why is this important? The guild is his life. He's either farming, pvping, or paying for the guilds' gems and enchants. And last season our Rated BG group finished in the top .5% of our Battlegroup and received the Hero of the Horde titles and we are on track to do the same this season.We have 2 Server Firsts on our little backwater realm for both Heroic Rag and Sinestra

What we're looking for:
PVP Wise
-Main Group:2k+ experience in either r-bgs or arenas
• H-pally
• Disc priest
• Frost DK

Casual Group:

PvE Wise
-Progression Group:
• Plate dps with tank offspec
• DPS - DK
• Almost any type of healer

Casual Group:

Also know that anyone with a good attitude and PASSION 4 da PVP is welcome. We have a group of ~14 players at 2200+ in RBGs. Anyone who is 1600-2000 usually participates in 'alt' rateds, where your MMR is grinded upwards. Currently, members are in line for top .5% rank of both arena and RBGs. PvE-wise, we have a dedicated raiding group at H[7/7] FL. TWO Casual raiding groups for alts and "not so dedicated raiders" who are 1/7 Heroic and 2/7 Heroic that only run 1 day a week.

What we're not looking for:
• Mouthbreathing Paste-eaters
• Polygamists - adulterers okay
• people who wear fannypacks
• people who cant take jokes.

Guild Perks include, but not limited to:
• All Gems Provided
• All Chants Provided
• All Consumables Provided
• Free Repairs
• End of seasons rewards(last season top arena team each got a Vial of the Sands)
• Each realm 1st kill team received various rewards.
• All other perks that come with a LvL 25 Guild.Times You need to know:

- Main Progression PvE Grp:Mon-Thur 7-10pm server
- Main Ratted Battleground Group:Fri-Sun 7-10pm server
- Casual PvE Grp 1:Friday 9-whenever
- Casual PvE Grp 2:Sun 9:30-Midnight
- Casual PvP grps:Happens when they happen :P

if you're interested visit: http://nothingpersonal-gh.guildlaunch.com/
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85 Goblin Hunter
Slayers of trade/forum trolls and auction house price gougers
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85 Goblin Hunter
be sure to check out our forums for information about the embargo :)
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
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85 Goblin Hunter
our 2 main rbg grps are just about set up for 4.3, another r-shammy or priest wouldn't hurt :)
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85 Goblin Hunter
MMR resets = win!
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85 Tauren Druid
Killing new bosses = win!
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85 Night Elf Druid
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85 Human Priest
Good luck, guys
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
I'm comin back for ya my love!!!
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