Doing the impossible: Starting a new guild

26 Tauren Shaman
With Cataclysm introducing Guild Levels, starting a new guild from "Level 1" can be intimidating. I successfully run <Stonewall Alliance> on Nagrand's Alliance faction. We are almost level 25; and grind along quite nicely.

However, a few Stonewallers have collected their Horde counterparts and formed <Thats so GLBT> on Nagrand as well. The guild now sits at Level 1 with about 7 people.

I am putting a call out there for you Hordies that want a social, safe, friendly guild, and are willing to help launch us into new heights.

Look for me in game - my Tauren is BULLFACEMOO - or ...drop me a mail. We need to get this moo-vin!
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85 Human Death Knight
Is this whole GLBT some new trend that's going on? If it is.. Do explain how this is funny / smart / cool / witty, or whatever else you want to call it.
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26 Tauren Shaman
Amnesiaqt; isn't it humerous that the guildmaster of Stonewall Alliance was in your pug ICC25 run on the weekend, his name is Grapheon; and he's my main toon.

It is not a new "trend" to have a GLBTIQ guild; Proudmoore has plenty of them. However, due to timezones; I moved to Oceanic servers over a year ago and brought the ideals from my old realm along with me. The goal; as in any other guild; is to have a group of likeminded people, nothing more :)

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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Best wishes for your guild. hope it goes well
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26 Tauren Shaman
11/20/2011 08:49 PMPosted by Sandraudiga
Best wishes for your guild. hope it goes well

Many thanks!
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26 Dwarf Shaman
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90 Gnome Mage
Hi Bull

I think the point that was previously being made was that if GLBT people want to be treated the same as anyone else (which I'm sure they do) then they should also act like others. Part of that is most people dont run around with T-Shirts saying "I'm straight" or have guilds specifically to support straight people. Most people just have a guild based around other in-game interests and sexuality has no impact on that.

I admire your intentions through and wish you luck with your guild.
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85 Blood Elf Mage
I would of thought having a GLBT guild would be againts wows terms and conditions.
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85 Worgen Druid
Not at all Terrorreign; a guild is merely a collection of people with similar interests.

I never refuse entry to my guild, Stonewall Alliance, and we identify as GLBTIQ. In fact, most of our toons identify as heterosexual.

If this was against Blizzard's rules; Proudmoore wouldn't be full of GLBTIQ guilds; and I would have been cornered ages ago. SWA has been active since August 2010.
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