So Who on Llane has the most Mounts?

90 Blood Elf Death Knight
I'm on Akama and I'm sitting on 161 mounts at the moment, I farm ones from older raids each week, trying to brake 200, I'm close to getting all the faction ones from Panda Exp within the next month, but at the moment only 161
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100 Human Death Knight
Got 7 on me. At 158 atm.
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90 Orc Warlock
Armory shows zulmagi with 236 o.O holy smokes
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100 Human Warlock
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100 Human Warrior
my wife Emylann has 178
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
I play both factions and the tally is up to 249 according to armory :
it says ingame alliance toon : 188
horde toon : 172

there is a discrepency for pets too it seems, I'm listed at 469 unique pets on ally and 468 horde
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44 Night Elf Hunter
Jaedenn does. 226 atm
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1 Margrok Requiem Eternum 275
2 Zulknight Monolith 261
3 Ündönë Toned 256
4 Carbonara Toned 253
5 Amethystdrac Judgement 251
6 Repentia Temporary Sanity 250
7 Etherpally Insomniacs 247
7 Ellaida Rareform 247
9 Halorahsux Channel Føur News Team 246
9 Sweeia Judgement 246
11 Bigmuff Channel Føur News Team 245

These are account bound mounts(both factions)

where he is the top 3 for faction based:
Halorahsux Channel Føur News Team Llane-US 212
Lightbreach Toned Llane-US 204
Margrok Requiem Eternum Llane-US 200
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
woohoo gratz lol
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
this was for stormhorn lol oops
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100 Undead Rogue

A 2011 original post necro'ed.

Thanks to Tedmosby for finding out the numbers, though.

An impressive amount of ... mounts for many of you there! Grats guys!
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100 Draenei Shaman
I have 164.. That's not even close to the most on Llane. There are some with 250+...
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90 Undead Warlock
I have 164.. That's not even close to the most on Llane. There are some with 250+...

You're comparing single character single faction numbers with accountwide mounts for both factions even though you obviously can't use mounts from both factions on one toon. I don't play Alliance and I assume you don't play Horde so some people's numbers appear a lot lower.

The person with the most mounts on Llane on a single toon is Halorahsux at 213.
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