[A] 25man FL Gold DKP - 11/27 3pm

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Some people freaked out about there not being a forum thread about this for last week. So, here it is for next week.

Sunday, November 27, 3pm Server time.

All rostering will be done with the in-game calendar. You can still post here to sign up or send me an IGM, but I won't take up forum space with a roster. Calendar seems to work better for folks, anyway.

We've run two of these now over the past 2 weeks. The first run featured 3 BoE drops just on the mobs to Shannox. We spent some time on Beth, which was a little much for our dps and healers - but had more success with Shannox. Unfortunately, we ran out of time before we could down him. The splits for the 3 BoEs was around 1200g per person at the end of the run.

The second run from 11/20 was much more successful. Though we only got 1 trash BoE, we downed Shannox and Rhyolith. The split for this run was about 2600 gold each.

We've had to take a lot of non-buyers in these runs just to fill spots. There is room for you, if you have money and want loot! Also, we wasted a lot of time with people who had to leave early. It's really not easy to pug on a Sunday afternoon - and this isn't a great kind of run to pug anyway. It works much better if we have a roster beforehand. If you sign up and/or join the raid, please make sure that you can stay for the whole duration.

P.S. Incidentally, for those in the 11/20 run, it was a false alarm about the incorrect gold split. What you received was correct. The add-on for pot management is really awful and difficult to interface with. It gives me three different readouts of the pot, bidder history, and an "IOU" window - which shows deficits and what gold still needs to come in. This is the window I was looking at when I noticed that we hadn't received all of the gold. HOWEVER, the first window that shows the pot records the bids, which is what the distribution is calculated off of. So even though I hadn't received the gold for the last item, the add-on had recorded the winning bid and added it into the total already. Confusing, right? Yeah - I like my old GDKP add-on. TL;DR - false alarm, you got all the gold you should have received.
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Rules and SOP:

If you've been on a GDKP with me before, you can probably stop reading here. If you haven't and don't know what a GDKP is, here's the basic idea:

Instead of loot lists, councils, rolls, or DKP, you bid on loot with in-game gold. When a piece of loot drops, an auction will begin and will not end until there is a high bidder that no one wants to over-bid. At that point, whoever bid the most gold buys the item and their gold goes into a collective pot. At the end of the run, all of the gold collected from all of the winners gets divided equally amongst ALL attendees of the run. This means that even if you didn't bid on or win any gear, you still get an equal share of the gold.

All epic gear that drops is subject to auction, even the legendary quest items and BoEs. Any item that is not sold will be sharded, and all shards will be sold as a pack at the end of the run.

You are not required to bid on gear, but if it's something that you can use, it's HIGHLY recommended that you do so. There is also no restriction to how much, or what type of, gear you buy. You are able (and encouraged) to bid on off-set gear. You can even buy loot for other people in the run, if you wish - we'll take your money.

The raid leaders/administrators of the run do NOT get any extra share of gold or loot. There is also nothing on "reserve." Everything gets bid on.

Generally, GDKPs are made of up three kids of folks:
1. Undergeared people who want more access to better gear and are willing to pay for it.
2. Geared people who are still looking for a couple of pieces and are willing to pay well for them.
3. Well-geared people who are there for run stability and to make gold, but may chase after off-set or rare loot.

Undergeared people who do not bid on items that they could use are folks we generally do not like to keep around. If you're undergeared and in the run, the accepted premise is that you are there for gear. If you need gear and do not bid, do not expect an invite back to the next run.

Though marginalized from what they once were, there are still healing and DPS requirements for this instance. If you do not meet these requirements, you will be replaced without compensation. If you go AFK or intentionally molest the bidding process (example: bidding on an item you don't have enough gold to buy), you will be punted and replaced with no compensation. The key ingredient to a successful GDKP run is efficiency - if you hold back the raid, you will be replaced.

In the past, these runs have been extremely lucrative, up to 10k gold per person for 3 hours of raiding. Great way to earn money while collecting rep and VPs. Other realms are currently running these as well. They are reporting 400k-800k pots, which works out to be about 16-32k per person at the end of the run.

You can reserve your spot by posting in this thread, or by sending Dnadoc an in-game mail. When signing up, if you're not posting on your main, say who your main is so that we get some good experience in the run. Largely, we're only going to take people from guilds who have killed Rag on normal, but exceptions may be made. Gear checks will also happen - make sure you're geared for entry into FL content.
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i would definately like to go
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Im back from my trip and would love to heal for you again.
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Count me in!
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90 Worgen Druid
Well, I have to cancel going with you. Wife is dragging me to some after-thanksgiving thanksgiving dinner. Dunno why the first one wasn't good enough.
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I would like to go again this week
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Sorry this run didn't happen - my fault for missing call time. Had a family engagement beforehand and got delayed. There will be a run posted for next week. Got some fresh people on the invite list, and some more talent from the more successful raiding units on server. We'll probably only have one more week before 4.3 hits, so let's make it a good run.
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