War of the Ancients

90 Night Elf Hunter
Any of you read this epic trilogy? I'm half way in the first book, and all I got to say is "WOW". I knew some basic Warcraft history after playing Warcraft III and reading the History of Warcraft. But this book has provided so many fascinating details, it's becoming overwhelming.

I'm looking forward to finishing the trilogy. I think it will be a great journey.
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90 Goblin Death Knight
I read them. I can't remember a thing about them. Take that as you will.
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85 Dwarf Hunter
I recently read and enjoyed them. It prompted me to take a big interest in night elf lore.
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85 Human Death Knight
I enjoyed them because they are WoW lore, but at times Knaack's writing can get a little bland and dry. He lacks the emotion and sense of action other writers such as Christie Golden has, and when he does try to make something seem exciting, he goes too far and tries to rub how exciting it is in your face.

That being said, the story they were telling is excellent and that, in my mind, makes up for the writing.

Also I'm not a Rhonin hater.
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90 Human Mage
From what I remember, it was alright.

Granted, yes, the whole time travel bit initially felt like it was being excessively shoehorned in, but after it got set up, it didn't really seem to come up all that much (from what I remember).

Night of the Dragon, on the other hand? Ugh... Basically putting it? It'd be totally fine to just skip over it, it's literally got absolutely no significant/relevant contributions to the lore, and that's not even getting into how bad/unintentionally hilarious the writing got to be.
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The books weren't bad; Richard Knaak... while he's not a TERRIBLE writer, he's not great, either. The books at least entertained me; I got the omnibus collection of the War of the Ancients trilogy. Fleshes out a pivotal moment in Warcraft lore, at the very least.

I think that Christie Golden is better, though; I liked The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm more than I did the War of the Ancients trilogy.
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85 Human Death Knight
Haven't read them. Going to go check my local Half Priced Books to see if they are in. the WoE heroic really made me interested.
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It's a great book, but it's not something you'll end up remembering a lot of.

It is the trilogy that made me a huge fan of Jarod Shadowsong though :D
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85 Draenei Shaman
Pretty entertaining

Id like to recommend you The Last Guardian / Tides of Darkness / Beyond the Dark Portal (in that order)
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90 Pandaren Shaman
I enjoyed it for the fact that it covered the War of the Ancients and provided some wonderful lore there. As others have mentioned though, Knaak is not the best writers.

I seriously wish Blizzard would get Christie Golden to write all of their books. I know that when I start reading one of hers, I'm in for a treat.

For the record I started marathoning the entire Warcraft series last month. Up to Night of the Dragon now... which is written by Knaak... and only being a few chapters in I'm a bit tired of Krasus referring to himself as superior every other sentence. Everytime something happens he's like, "I'm a Dragon! I'm better than everyone else!".
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