Prot warrior LF Guild, and Transmog thread!

Hello, many of you may not know me but my name is Pivot, I played a Gnome/Undead rogue back in Wrath, and now play a Goblin hunter here in Cataclysm. Recently i have been leveling my warrior, and have been having a blast with tanking as well as arms PvP. I look forward to hitting 85 within the next few days and am looking for a strong, yet relaxed PvE guild that is in need of an active protection warrior. I realize that yes, I will be under geared at first, but with consistent play, I will hopefully be able to gear up and be ready for core raiding within the next few weeks.

-If you have any questions, or are interested in having me join your guild, feel free to message me in-game, or leave a response in the thread. Thank you.

So, enough about me and my needs, lets talk about something more interesting. As many of you know, 4.3 is only weeks away and I have yet to see anyone raid old 25 man content for transmogrification purposes (If you do not know what transmogrification is, go to this link for more information: ) . Maybe people are just running with guildies and not looking in trade but you never know. So my question for you (Alliance only) is, who would be interested in forming a 25 man group for raids like Ice Crown Citadel, Naxxramus, and Ulduar? Now I'm not just talking about a one time thing, but a group that regularly runs old content and enjoys playing together. Yes, i realize being that the new level cap is 85, you would not need a full 25-man group, but the more the merrier!

-So just like the first post, if you have any questions or are interested in exploring old content in hopes of getting some cool gear for transmogrification, please message me in-game or drop a post on the thread, thanks!
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85 Gnome Mage
Hi Pivot!
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Hey, is it just me or are forums somewhat dead these days?
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85 Gnome Mage
From what i have seen, alot of people report most posts if it contains anything bad about them or anything that they dont like so most threads and replies get deleted rather quickly so most people have just stopped posting.
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85 Worgen Warrior
Stop stalking me Piv!
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85 Worgen Mage
message me in game
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