A strange, yet fated encounter {RP}

90 Worgen Warrior

The rain was heavy that night, the street lights only partially lighting the darkness. The darkness, however, was no true hinderance to Daniyel, mainly because he carried a lantern along with this enhanced eyesight. As Daniyel patrolled the ghostly streets of Gilneas City once again, still haunted by his past life, he continued to dream and wonder what could have been, what had been, and the like. It was strange of him to think of such things still even after his final and complete victory over his darker, corrupted worgen half, Reinko for control. Yet even when his personality, his emotions, his memories were all complete as he assimilated Reinko became whole again, Daniyel still felt some ties to his past that he just couldn’t let go. That tie of Daniyel’s being his duty as a knight and soldier of Gilneas to stand guard and defend it with his life, no matter what. So he continues to patrol the streets, his Gilnean armor and tabard along with the sword and shield he forged himself as part of his training adorning him. He cared little though now about his appearance in regard to his hair, which used to be short and neat now longer and a bit ragged. Though it was difficult to tell much now that he takes his worgen form more often than before, seeing as he’s become more accepting of the reality of who and what he is.
As he walked along the district streets, his paws imprinting on the wet pavement and gravel, his ears perked from a sudden noise. Daniyel instantly turned around and darted his eyes in every direction trying to find the source. With no luck in finding anything through the almost pitch black streets.
He shrugged and turned back to the direction he was facing, holding his lantern out sighing, “Bloody hell…and I thought that whole hallucination business was done and over with…”
Daniyel was cut off as he heard a similar sound again, though much louder, almost like someone bumping into a trash bin of sorts.
Daniyel spun around, one hand still holding the lantern out while his main hand went for his sword calling out, “Alright, who’s out there? Show yourself!”
There wasn’t any response and the lantern didn’t reveal much through the pitch darkness and rain. But as he was about to turn back around again, the sound of footsteps running thundered down the alleyways.
Daniyel smirked some, “Gotcha!”
Daniyel then hooked the lantern to his belt to not lose it as he leaped into the air from the street onto the rooftops. Closing his eyes, he listened for the footsteps and from the rooftops began to give chase.
The chase was on, Daniyel leaping from rooftop to rooftop following the sounds of running footsteps. From a distance, you might have seen what looks like a ball of light bouncing around in the darkness. Daniyel stopped for a moment, catching a bit of his breathe as he heard the footsteps suddenly stop. Then a loud splash could be heard, with Daniyel realizing that whoever he was chasing dived into the water around the chapel.
Daniyel had one thought in his mind, “This person’s trying to get to the chapel. Well that’s fine with me, go ahead and corner yourself, wanker. I’ll find you in there.”
Daniyel was untrusting of any visitors in the city ruins; there were only a few possibilities as to who they would be. They could be fellow members of the Alliance trying to fix things up a bit on their own time, which Daniyel would allow of course. The other being bandits or looters, trying to get their grubby and dirty hands on anything they can find. This of course would be met with great hostility in return. The last possibility would be Horde soldiers trying to make a foothold into the city. Any of those have tried, never made it out to tell of it.
As Daniyel heard more water splashing, he knew whoever this person was, was heading to the chapel. Daniyel then leaped onto the chapel, down to the entrance, setting his lantern outside by below the entrance so it didn’t get wet. He then crept in, sword drawn in preparations for a fight, if it were to come to that. He made sure to move as slowly as possible, that way neither his drenched paws nor his armor will make any sound. As he crept closer and closer to the door inside the chapel, it struck him odd that the chapel was already lit with candles. But why would this guy take the time to do that if he’s trying to hiding from him? Daniyel then began to hear words, prayer, in Common nonetheless. Daniyel immediately thought that it must have been either bandits or Alliance that he must have spooked them. He tilted his head around the door and narrowed his eyes to see who it was. Few words described what he felt at that moment, bewildered, baffled. He couldn’t believe what he saw, a Forsaken, of all things, in the chapel praying to the Light.
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90 Worgen Warrior
Daniyel didn’t know what to feel, to feel happy that one of them is changing for the good, to feel angry that a Forsaken has set foot in the city once again, regardless he felt confused. Daniyel decided to approach the thing, but carefully not to attract its attention. The closer he got to it, the clearer its image was. The Forsaken was a female, with a shield and a sword strapped to her side and back. She had medium length black hair, similar to Daniyel’s human form. Her skin, though pale and with missing pieces of flesh that showed just bone, was rather clean and not rotting at all, heck she smelled like flowers even at a distance, a trait very taboo and unknown to Forsaken.
As he got close to her, standing behind her a foot or so back, she stopped praying and without turning around said in a rather beautiful, yet saddened voice, “So…I take it you wish to kill me?”
Daniyel just simply stood still and replied, “That depends on you. I should because you’re a Forsaken inside Gilneas, the very people that defiled this place. But seeing you like this is making me think twice about it, which I don’t know why.”
The Forsaken stood up slowly and said without turning, “Maybe you see that not all of the Forsaken are evil, cruel, heartless creatures, just as not all worgen are mindless beasts? All I can say is that I bring no harm or violence here, just myself and the will to ask forgiveness of the Light from one of the damned.”
Daniyel didn’t say a word, but only walked up past her to the altar, sheathing his sword away.
Without turning back, he responded, “I suppose…but why though? Why come to here of all places?”
She looked up at him and replied simply, “I wish to return home, to return to a life I once had, Sir Worgen.”
Baffled, he turned and looked at her, surprised at her beauty and calm response and quite respectfulness, he tried to return it in kind, “Well…wait, and return home? What do you mean?”
She looked at him sadly and said, “I used to be Gilnean…that is until the Forsaken came into the picture.”
Daniyel looked at her sadly as well and asked, “What did you do before, if you remember that is?”
She simply sighed and replied, “A soldier, like you. But I ran like a coward when the worgen came and attacked. The next thing I know I’m ambushed by the Forsaken outside the wall.”
Daniyel only sighed, smiling some at her. He then turned around, opening his pocket watch. The Forsaken peeked at bit at the side, seeing the picture of Daniyel and his late fiancé, Sarrah.
She immediately looked between him and the watch asking, “Wait…is that your watch?”
He looked at her in a bit of question, “Why do you ask? It is my watch; I’ve had it for years. It’s about all I have left of my former life. Well…the human and normal parts to it anyway. I too used to be a soldier, and still am to this day, or at least I like to think I still am, if only in my mind. One may not think it with the line of work as a mercenary, but I am still a soldier at heart and that’s what matters.” As he finished speaking and turning back around, he shifted back to his human form felling a little relaxed, but still keeping on guard for anything
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90 Worgen Warrior
She just simply stared into his eyes in shock, and with almost a tearful voice whimpered, “Daniyel…”
He turned around and began saying, “Wait, how did you…”
But before he could finish his question, she leaped up and grabbed Daniyel, pulling him into an embracing hug, holding him close to her crying into his chest, “Oh Daniyel, I missed you so much. I’ve been so worried whether or not I’d ever see you again. I also worried if you’ve been killed. I’m just happy that you’re safe again. Oh Dani, I thought I’d never see you again!”
Daniyel’s eyes widened in shock as the Forsaken hugged him tighter. He was baffled and confused. Why would this Forsaken, a Forsaken of all things, hug and hold Daniyel close instead of killing and skinning him for a rug? This wasn’t making any sense to him, they are members of the opposite faction, mortal enemies, yet here she, this Forsaken, is holding and crying on Daniyel, a Gilnean who’s sworn to fight the Forsaken and defend Gilneas from them, holding onto him tightly and crying saying she missed him. But…who was she? Daniyel had to know, he had to know who she was.
Daniyel then looked at her and asked, “But wait…who are you?”
She looked at him with a little disbelief, but then sighs in understanding and replies, “Back in the training days, when we were both recruits…you were my training partner.”
Daniyel closed his eyes to think all the way back. Then he opened his eyes wide as he realized who she was.
In a gasp, he answered, “Wait, I remember now...Beladene! I...I...I don’t know what to say…”
She simply smiled, putting a bony, but clean and fresh smelling, finger on his lips before pulling him into another embrace. He sighed some and returned the hug as he wrapped his arms around her.

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