Inactive guild leader usurp in 4.3

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We're introducing a new system in patch 4.3 known as "inactive guild leader replacement" that will allow players of the appropriate rank to take over leadership of a guild from an inactive guild leader via the Guild tab.

If a guild leader’s character is inactive for 30 days, a notification will appear in the Guild News & Events feed which can only be seen by guild members who are eligible to become the new guild leader. To determine eligibility, the game will look for the highest ranked character in the guild that's logged on in the past week, and any guild member from that rank will be able to request guild leadership simply by clicking on the notification.

Clicking on the notification will open up a confirmation window which, once accepted, will transition leadership from the inactive guild leader to the first player to request leadership. If guild leadership is changed, the old guild leader will be notified via email to his or her registered address. The change in leadership will be immediate, with all ranks and permissions remaining in-tact.

Please note that if you're an active leader of a guild, this system should not affect you or your guild.

This is a quote (edited for length) of a blue post on the PTR forum regarding the new automated guild usurp (full post

I wanted to see how the people of Draka felt about this. I've been reading the responses to the blue post and people bring up a lots of interesting thoughts.

So sound off, Drakaians! What do you think of the Guild Leader usurp?
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I think its pretty lame to be honest! If a guild leader is inactive for awhile why should the guild be handed down to another member?!?! If someone is not happy with the situation tbh then maybe gquit and join another? I dont know really how to be positive about this new inactive guild leader crap! I actually have been the GM of Pawns of War since april 2006 when i formed the guild with my toon Journey. PoW has been a very active guild thru these years until this past year actually. I ended up with health issues that made it hard for me to play and had to give up WoW for awhile. But in doing this, all of my members knew of what was going on with me and how i would be inactive for indefinite time and all was well with that!!!! Most of the members in PoW have been members since the formation of the guild and we all have become pretty much family. Now that i am able to return to wow i come back to find that my guild has been handed off to someone else and now also my lvl 25 guild is a lvl7!! WTF not only did i come back to this but also all of the gbank has been pretty much drained of gold and no longer have all the tabs i had purchased for the guild bank....I have been told that apparently the guild was transferred to another realm and pretty much robbed and hell i dont know but i logged on yesterday and all a sudden the guild is on draka... This whole thing has become nothing but a damn headache now and i dont even know if will be able to get back all that has been put into the guild by myself and all my members. This is very sad and also frustrating! All those that have been playing on draka since at least 2006 knows of Pawns of War and of my original toon Journey that was the GM. PoW was the oldest guild on draka that was still going and now hell i dont know what has happened to all our activity, progress, and all we have put into it....So there you have my opinion on this stupid inactive guild leader bull !@#$ added in 4.3!!
honestly it needs to be rid of for the safety and security of all other GM's that have put alot into their guild over the years and may become inactive due to something out of their control!
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Not sure why you're shocked about the change in leadership. This has been the process for as long as I can remember. Although it's pretty new that it's an automatic thing. Someone had to actually petition for a change in leadership in years past. Sorry and it sucks but this isn't really all that new.
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Well it is new to me lol i have had to take breaks several different times in past couple years and this sort of thing has never happened...i even had members that apparently put tickets in trying to stop what was being done so guild wasnt compromised and yet blizzard did nothing. So yeah im shocked cuz this whole hand of GM is new to me...was never done before when i had to be inactive :( Nobody even knows who the hell the toon is that currently has GM and they have been inactive for min 1 month themselves so why cant any of us take over GM from them? Sigh....I guess will find out in time haha and actually apparently this person was a member of Asgard at a point this year ><
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Whoaaa I remember writing this :)

10/29/2012 06:35 AMPosted by Septicemia
isn't really all that new.

I'm not sure if this is to me but I meant the automated system, like I posted in the OP.

10/29/2012 04:09 AMPosted by Lulamae
If someone is not happy with the situation tbh then maybe gquit and join another?

It appears that Blizz's stance is that guild should have some active leadership. Gquitting to join another guild sort of gives up all guild rep and such. They did help the GMs out by upping the away time from 30 days to 90 days. I recently read that they implemented that it only goes down a certain number of positions. So if you have people in a "punishment" rank (no gchat or bank privileges), they can't get leadership.
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