<Sacred Wake> is recruiting for 25mans.

85 Tauren Druid
With the new patch quickly approaching, and our core growing in numbers. We are opening the door and opportunity to other players to help us build upon our foundation as a raiding guild, and push into 4.3 as a 25-man raiding guild. We are looking for dedicated players, who are neither elitist nor casual, but a happy middle-ground. The only expectations is you make the raid schedule as listed below, be open to constructive criticism, and have fun.

Prior to our attempt with 25-mans, Sacred Wake has been able to progress at a steady pace to 3/7 heroic Firelands in 10man raids. But like most people who have played long enough to experience the difficulties of micro-management of 10mans, it's just not worth the headache sometimes. 25-mans will allow all our players to play together, relieve some pressure that 10mans may present, and open up the door to potential growth individually and as a whole.

We will implement a loot system, to reward those that show true dedication to our purpose as raiders with EPGP, and we will take note of those who aren't pulling their weight. If you are having problems keeping up with dps, healing etc. We have ready and willing officers that will gladly pull you aside and talk to you, and help you learn to get the most out of your class/spec. We wont throw people to the corner, we value development. We do have zero tolerance for immaturity, arrogance and lack of respect for others.

Our Current Raid schedule:

Tuesday @ 8pm-11pm
Thursday @ 8pm- 11pm
and Optional Mondays @ at 8:30pm-11pm.

If you intend to join, you must be able to make Tues and Thursday. Mondays are set aside to push progression a bit more, I'd recommend people come for that, but it is optional.

Our current Needs:
Melee dps:

Range dps:
S Priest


Holy Paladin

*All other classes and roles will be considered, but shouldn't expect a raid spot unless they can prove otherwise.

If you are interested, please go ahead and reach out to me (Tedruxpin) in-game via mail or whispers.
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BRB, transferring back. I want my daggers...
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
To bad there aren't any good rogues left on horde side.
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85 Draenei Shaman
11/29/2011 10:21 AMPosted by Trìcks
To bad there aren't any good rogues left on horde side.

If only I didn't transfer mine back to ali
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
12/08/2011 02:16 AMPosted by Caliz
I said good not "sub par"
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