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This thread is intended to be a compilation of in-game and out of game resources for members of the community (specifically roleplayers) to utilize. It may end up duplicating things from other listings, but that's alright.

Please contribute to anything I've missed, although note that this listing is not meant for single character or person blogs or websites, but rather things that any member of the community can access and use.

In-game chat channels

These chat channels are intended to be used by RPers to get in touch with each other. Please use them and spread the word!

Horde: /join soeooc or /join hordeooc

Alliance: /join rpchatter

WordPress Community channels: /join soewp (Horde & Alliance)

Community websites

These are a collection of websites intended to be used by the denizens of SoE to get in touch.

Official Sisters of Elune forums (o-boards):

Unofficial community forums:

Sisters of Elune Writing Community: (seems to be dead, but perhaps we can inject life back into it?)


Wowpedia page:

Facebook page:!/group.php?gid=96259376741

Pertinent O-boards posts

Horde roleplayers:

Alliance roleplayers:

Regular RP events:

Guild directory:

Blogs, websites, and Twitter feeds listing:


Blogs run by and/or for SoE community members.

Sisters of Elune WordPress Community:

Twitter feeds

Twitter accounts and feeds that are by or for SoE members.



SoE RP List (A/H):

SoE RP List (A):

SoE RP List (H):

#sistersofelune hashtag search:!/search/sisters%20of%20elune

If you have anything you need or want listed, let me know!
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We need more people wandering these forums. <_<
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Revised Channel information:

/join RPChatter is now on both Horde and Alliance
/join LFRP is alsoa dded to both Horde and Alliance

For more Roleplay based information:
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As of Today, Cenarion Circle and Sisters of Elune are connected, so Thought I'd post some of CC's various resources here as well.

RP Channels:

/join allianceooc for Alliance OOC chat (Very creative, I know,) Great way to meet CC's RP population
/join Hearthstoneic for Alliance IC chat.
/join market for Alliance IC Trade chat.

/join hordeooc for Horde OOC Chat.

We also have a DotOrg that is located at, which serves as an almost facebook-esque site for our RPers.
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I've just made a new chat channel! Its /join BattlePetHunters

I made this with companion hunting in mind. The other day I was passing through Tanaris when a sandstorm hit! I wished I could tell everyone looking for a silithid to come get one, but there wasn't a way to! I think that this is a great way for all avid collectors to come share tips and tricks to battling, ask questions and have them answered, and to alert everyone when a rare pet shows up!

"Blingtron by SW AH, come try for a Lil Bling!"
"Dreadhowls prowling, come help kill Moonfang to hopefully get Moon Moon!"
"Battling a rare Polly outside Booty Bay, I already have three so I can forfeit if someone nearby wants it."
"Anyone want to start a raid for Darkmoon Rabbit?"
"Rainstorm in Stranglethorn!!!"

etc :-)

Maybe we'll all be able to trade pets instead of paying some ridiculous AH prices :-)
"Just got a third Moon Moon, taking reasonable offers and trades before I sell it on AH"

Please join, and tell your friends to join! I want to make a great and loving community for all fellow pet-lovers on SoE and any connected servers!
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