Spectacular Death celebrates our 4th anniversary on Saturday, December 17th with one of our creative PvP events.

King of Hill/King of the Isle

Off the eastern coast of the Cape of Stranglethorn is Jaquero Isle. In the center of the island are two hills with flat tops accessible only by flying mount. We challenge the horde to best 2 out of 3 king of the hill matches.

There will be 2 non-PvP flagged referees on the hill. All participants will land on the hill tops. On the count of 3, they will commence killing one another. Once someone has died, they cannot reenter the battle. Referees will watch for deaths and call out if someone comes back into battle who was dead. The thing is, you can't reach the hill top even if you rez close to your body, unless you fly there. We will battle for 10 minutes or until one side clears the other side off, whichever is the shorter time. We'll do this 3 times.

When that is done, horde will go to the southern end of the island. Alliance will go to the northern end of the island. On the count of 3 we will try to rid the island of the other faction. Sounds simple enough EXCEPT there is a twist. On the island is a mini-boss, King Mukla. Referees will be watching this giant ape. No one can kill King Mukla or you are out of the event. You will be called out and told to go stand by the refs. He's a level 35. All we 85s have to do is sneeze on him and he'll die. He's in the NE corner of the island. You may run through his patrol area but you are not allowed to camp in it. When you die, you are allowed to run back and come back into combat. At the end of 30 minutes, we will see which side has the most people alive and that side will have won the encounter.

The event begins at 8:30 p.m. server time and will run for a bit over an hour. Come one and all for some different PvP action. Questions? I probably have answers.