is there an official place to QQ about....

The new dungeon finder? I hate the fact that they threw in the zandoms with the normal heroics. Wtf is up with that. I personally didn't want to start healing them yet.. Most of the dps in the groups I have gotten stuck in aren't ready to be dpsing it yet.. So wtf did it get merged?! There are still PLENTY of people who have issues with a normal heroic. Just wanted to complain about it. If I wanted a zandom, I would q for one.. UGG.. lol.
Also, wtf is up with the mature filter re enabling itself constantly. I have disabled it 4-5 times since the patch Tuesday..
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Blues don't read realm servers. You'll want to go to one of the more specific servers. I'll answer your questions, though.

1) Blizzard clumped up the zandoms with the other heroics because they didn't want the lfd tool to have three tiers. They felt that a delineation between 'new' and 'not new' was enough. The zandoms still have their gear requirements, so you're EXPECTED to be able to handle them when it throws you in them. If you feel your getting in them wrongly, make sure you're not carrying high ilvl pvp gear on your person as it will elevate your ilvl for instance consideration.

2) The mature language filter is a known issue.

Anything else?
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It's worth noting that should you get a zandom, you don't have to complete as much as you did back in 4.1. Jin'do only requires you kill two bosses before he becomes active on the platform, and in Zul'Aman, Hex Lord Malacrass opens his door after two avatars are dead. 3 Bosses in ZG and 4 bosses in ZA? I'd take that over Deadmines any day.
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Good to know and thanks for the info Asch.
Lol, I agree Zael.. Deadmines is semi the suck.. Well, I ended up not quing for any old cata heroics last night, just the new instances. Easier to heal than a zandom, less things for folks to screw up doing, better loot rewards. I resolve this issue by never quing for an "old cata heroic" again.. LOl. Let the dps continue to q for ages while blizz chases the tanks/healers away :) Sad reason why I gave up my dps toons for the most part and switched to healer/tank.. Sick of the seemingly endless q times as dps. 30-45 min wait as dps for the new zones, 3-4 minutes for a healer.. Haven't qued w/ my tank yet but assuming that is still an insta q :)
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You're welcome. :)
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