[A] <The Guildless> you need us, we need you.

90 Human Paladin
Let me try to give you a sense for who we are. This may take awhile. But we like people who aren't in a rush and pay attention.

We are a group of adults who love to play WoW. And since we ARE adults...we have lives and things going on in our lives other than playing a game. We have a member who recently had a baby. We have members who needed to take time away from the game after killing the Lich King or at the start of Cataclysm. Our members work full time jobs and have families... We took vacations in the summer and did stuff with our kids and enjoyed the outdoors.

At one time or another...the core members of this guild have all been in raiding guilds. Hardcore progression guilds. Some of our members have server 1st kills for some older content. In fact, The Guildless was at one time a top 5 guild on the server. We've all done the progression push and enjoyed it. But for one reason or another we've needed to back off a bit from that grind.

Well now here we are... It's patch 4.3 and there's all this new stuff to do. But to be honest, we haven't even done all of the OLD stuff. We did Blackwing Descent...but didn't finish Bastion of Twilight. Firelands...a few trash runs here and there to get the rep rewards and some of those random epic drops and put some attempts in on a boss or two. But no...we haven't killed Rag, or Cho'gall. Just didn't work out. Didn't have the people, the time, the motivation...

But the new patch is out..and winter is here and people have time now and want to enjoy this new patch, do the new dungeons...get back to doing current content. And we would really like to do it with people we know and enjoy being with. Some of our regulars have that real life stuff going on though. Some want to go check out Star Wars. Some people just aren't raiders...but that's ok.

We would like to offer you a place with us if you are...
  • Mature
  • Friendly
  • Unselfish (put the needs and goals of the group first)
  • Wanting to see the new content but not make a career of it
  • Reliable. Consistent. Punctual.
  • Wanting to get in a guild but can't because you're not already 7/7 FL or whatever...
  • Able to raid for a couple hours Monday, Wednesday, and/or Sunday night.
  • Casual..but committed.

  • We need level 85s who need a place to call home.
    We need a couple healers. Could be a main, or an off spec. Even an alt if you're able to go.
    Bonus points for you if you're a holy Paladin.
    We have 2 tanks, but wouldn't hurt to have a backup.
    Ranged or melee dps...we would find a way to work you in.

    Did I mention we are level 25 guild? If that matters... And yeah...we have all the bank tabs and guild repair and all those other goodies.

    Whisper me in game...or send me an in game mail. Introduce yourself. I'll introduce you to our other officers. We'll do some trial runs and see if it's a good fit for you and for us.

    Mature people who realize it's a game, but want to do it well, need others who feel the same.
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    90 Human Paladin
    Could still use a healer, an off tank and a couple dps.
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    90 Night Elf Hunter
    Bump! Great thread here. This might be what i have been looking for.
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